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List of Chemical Product Names (Page A78)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
5-Amino-2,5-dioxopentanoic acid 18465-19-5 C5H7NO4
4-Aminodiphenylamine-2-sulfonic acid 91-30-5 C12H12N2O3S
2-Aminodiphenyl 90-41-5 C12H11N
2-Aminodiphenylamine 534-85-0 C12H12N2
4-Aminodiphenylamino sulfate 4698-29-7 2(C12H12N2).H2SO4
(R)-3-Amino-4,4-diphenylbutyric acid 332062-03-0 C16H17NO2.HCl
(S)-3-Amino-4,4-diphenylbutyric acid hydrochloride 332062-01-8 C16H17NO2.HCl
(1R,2S)-2-Amino-1,2-diphenylethanol 23190-16-1 C14H15NO
(1S,2R)-2-Amino-1,2-diphenylethanol 23364-44-5 C14H15NO
[N-[(1S,2S)-2-(Amino-kN)-1,2-diphenylethyl]-4-methylbenzenesulfonamidato-kN]chloro[(1,2,3,4,5,6-n)-1-methyl-4-(1-methylethyl)benzene]ruthenium 192139-90-5 C31H35ClN2O2RuS
[[(1R,2R)-2-Amino-1,2-diphenylethyl](4-toluenesulfonyl)amido](p-cymene)(pyridine)ruthenium(II) 1192483-14-9 C36H40N3O2RuS
[[(1S,2S)-2-Amino-1,2-diphenylethyl](4-toluenesulfonyl)amido](p-cymene)(pyridine)ruthenium(II) 1192483-27-4 C36H40N3O2RuS
[[(1R,2R)-2-Amino-1,2-diphenylethyl](4-toluenesulfonyl)amido](p-cymene)ruthenium(II) tetrafluoroborate 1192483-03-6 C31H35N2O2RuS.BF4
[[(1S,2S)-2-Amino-1,2-diphenylethyl](4-toluenesulfonyl)amido](p-cymene)ruthenium(II) tetrafluoroborate 1192483-25-2 C31H35N2O2RuS.BF4
2-Amino-9,9-diphenylfluorene 1268519-74-9 C25H19N
Aminodiphenylmethane 91-00-9 C13H13N
Aminodiphenylmethane hydrochloride 5267-34-5 C13H13N.HCl;C13H14ClN
3-Amino-1-diphenylmethylazetidine 40432-52-8 C16H18N2
2-Amino-3,3-diphenylpropanoic acid hydrochloride 119273-60-8 C15H15NO2.HCl
(S)-(-)-2-Amino-1,1-diphenyl-1-propanol 78603-91-5 C15H17NO
(R)-(+)-2-Amino-1,1-diphenyl-1-propanol 78603-93-7 C15H17NO
2-Amino-4,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-triazine 5418-07-5 C15H12N4
2-Amino-6-[2-(dipropylamino)ethyl]benzeneacetic acid 920755-10-8 C16H26N2O2
6-Amino-1,3-dipropyluracil 41862-14-0 C10H17N3O2
3-Amino-2,6-di(tert-butyl)phenol 400629-10-9 C14H23NO
5-Amino-2,4-di-tert-butylphenol 873055-58-4 C14H23NO
3-Amino-1,2,4-dithiazole-5-thione 6846-35-1 C2H2N2S3
(3R,3aR,4S,4aR,8aR,9aR)-7-Aminododecahydro-3-methyl-1-oxo-naphtho[2,3-c]furan-4-carboxylic acid 900180-05-4 C14H21NO4
(R)-2-Aminododecanoic acid 169106-36-9 C12H25NO2
(+/-)-2-Aminododecanoic acid 35237-37-7 C12H25NO2
(S)-2-Aminododecanoic acid 169106-34-7 C12H25NO2
6-Amino-1-dodecyl-3-methyl-2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione 137476-00-7 C17H31N3O2
6-Amino-1-dodecyl-2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione 137475-99-1 C16H29N3O2
2-Aminoacetophenone 613-89-8 C8H9NO
21-Aminoepothilone B 280578-49-6 C27H42N2O6S
2-Aminoethanesulfonamide 4378-70-5 C2H8N2O2S
2-Aminoethanesulfonamide hydrochloride 89756-60-5 C2H8N2O2S.HCl
2-Aminoethanethiol 60-23-1 C2H7NS
2-Aminoethanol benzoate (salt) 4337-66-0 C7H6O2.C2H7NO
2-Aminoethanol hydrochloride 2002-24-6 C2H7NO.HCl
(1R,2S)-1-Amino-2-ethenylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid 159700-58-0 C6H9NO2
(1R,2S)-1-Amino-2-ethenylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid ethyl ester 746657-36-3 C8H13NO2
(1R,2S)-1-Amino-2-ethenyl-cyclopropanecarboxylic acid ethyl ester 4-methylbenzenesulfonate 1159609-95-6 C8H13NO2.C7H8O3S
(1R,2S)-1-Amino-2-ethenylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid methyl ester 681260-04-8 C7H11NO2
(1R,2S)-1-Amino-2-ethenylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid methyl ester hydrochloride 259214-58-9 C7H11NO2.HCl
2-Aminoethoxyamine dihydrochloride 37866-45-8 C2H8N2O.2(HCl)
5-Amino-2-ethoxy-benzenesulfonic acid 6375-02-6 C8H11NO4S
2-Amino-5-ethoxybenzenesulphonic acid 6448-82-4 C8H11NO4S
4-Amino-3-ethoxybenzoic acid ethyl ester 342044-64-8 C11H15NO3
4-(2-Aminoethoxy)benzoic acid methyl ester 56850-93-2 C10H13NO3

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