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List of Chemical Product Names (Page A99)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
(2-Aminoethoxy)(tert-butyl)dimethylsilane 101711-55-1 C8H21NOSi
1-Amino-3-ethyladamantane 41100-45-2 C12H21N
2-(2-Aminoethyl)adamantane 59807-53-3 C12H21N
1-Amino-3-ethyladamantane hydrochloride 80121-67-1 C12H21N.HCl
4-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]benzeneacetic acid ethyl ester 174890-79-0 C12H18N2O2
[6-(2-Aminoethylamino)-6-deoxy]-beta-cyclodextrin 60984-63-6 C44H76N2O34
2-(2-Aminoethylamino)ethanol 111-41-1 C4H12N2O
6-[2-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]ethylamino]-6-deoxy-beta-cyclodextrin 65294-32-8 C46H81N3O34
2-(2-(2-Aminoethylamino)ethylamino)ethanol 1965-29-3 C6H17N3O
6A-[[2-[[2-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]ethyl]amino]ethyl]amino]-6A-deoxy-beta-cyclodextrin 65294-33-9 C48H86N4O34
N-(2-Aminoethyl)-N'-[2-[(2-aminoethyl)amino]ethyl]-1,2-ethanediamine mono-tert-decanoate 94713-30-1 C10H20O2.C8H23N5
3-[2-(2-Aminoethylamino)ethylamino]propyl-trimethoxysilane 35141-30-1 C10H27N3O3Si
4-Amino-2-[(ethylamino)methyl]-alpha,alpha-dimethyl-1H-imidazo[4,5-c]quinoline-1-ethanol 1020412-43-4 C17H23N5O
[[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]methyl]triethoxysilane 41555-92-4 C9H24N2O3Si
5-(2-Aminoethylamino)-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid 50402-56-7 C12H14N2O3S
5-(2-Aminoethylamino)-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid sodium salt 100900-07-0 C12H13N2O3S.Na
N-[4-[2-[[4-[2-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]-2-oxoethyl]phenyl]amino]-2-oxoethyl]phenyl]adenosine 96760-69-9 C28H32N8O6
5-[(1E)-3-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]-3-oxo-1-propen-1-yl]-5'-O-[bis(4-methoxyphenyl)phenylmethyl]-2'-deoxyuridine 606126-32-3 C35H38N4O8
3-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]propylamine 13531-52-7 C5H15N3
3-(2-Aminoethylamino)propyl-dimethoxymethylsilane 3069-29-2 C8H22N2O2Si
[3-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]propyl]silanetriol homopolymer 68400-09-9 (C5H16N2O3Si)x
6-[(2-Aminoethyl)amino]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-isoquino[6,7-f]quinoxaline-7,12-dione 1430561-06-0 C17H17N5O2
2-Aminoethylammonium chloride 18299-54-2 C2H8N2.HCl;C2H9ClN2
2-(2-Aminoethyl)aniline 48108-93-6 C8H12N2
3-(2-Aminoethyl)aniline 76935-75-6 C8H12N2
N-(2-Aminoethyl)aniline 1664-40-0 C8H12N2
3-(2-Aminoethyl)-1-azetidinecarboxylic acid tert-butyl ester 898271-20-0 C10H20N2O2
(R)-4-(1-Aminoethyl)benzenamine dihydrochloride 65645-32-1 C8H12N2.2(HCl)
4-(2-Aminoethyl)benzeneacetic acid 99075-24-8 C10H13NO2
alpha-(2-Aminoethyl)benzeneacetic acid methyl ester 1146245-96-6 C11H15NO2
4-Amino-alpha-ethylbenzenemethanol 6332-13-4 C9H13NO
4-(2-Aminoethyl)benzenesulfonamide 35303-76-5 C8H12N2O2S
2-Amino-N-ethylbenzenesulfonanilide 81-10-7 C14H16N2O2S
4-(2-Aminoethyl)benzenesulfonylfluoride hydrochloride 30827-99-7 C8H10FNO2S.HCl
2-Amino-3-ethylbenzenethiol 139331-76-3 C8H11NS
5-(2-Aminoethyl)-1,2,4-benzenetriol hydrochloride 28094-15-7 C8H11NO3.HCl
(R)-4-(1-Aminoethyl)benzoic acid 1108683-66-4 C9H11NO2
4-(1-Aminoethyl)benzoic acid 28357-95-1 C9H11NO2
2-Amino-5-ethylbenzoic acid 2475-82-3 C9H11NO2
(S)-4-(1-Aminoethyl)benzoic acid 222714-33-2 C9H11NO2
2-Amino-3-ethylbenzoic acid 5437-40-1 C9H11NO2
4-Amino-3-ethylbenzoic acid 51688-75-6 C9H11NO2
3-Amino-4-ethylbenzoic acid 5129-23-7 C9H11NO2
2-Amino-6-ethylbenzoic acid 66232-56-2 C9H11NO2
2-(1-Aminoethyl)benzoic acid hydrochloride 658683-12-6 C9H11NO2.HCl
4-[(1S)-1-Aminoethyl]benzoic acid methyl ester 222714-37-6 C10H13NO2
2-(2-Aminoethyl)benzoic acid methyl ester 771581-77-2 C10H13NO2
3-[(1S)-1-Aminoethyl]benzoic acid methyl ester 1187927-21-4 C10H13NO2
4-[(1R)-1-Aminoethyl]benzoic acid methyl ester 912342-10-0 C10H13NO2
3-(1-Aminoethyl)benzoic acid methyl ester hydrochloride (1:1) 1263378-68-2 C10H13NO2.HCl

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