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List of Chemical Product Names (Page E29)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
4-[(trans,trans)-4'-Ethyl[1,1'-bicyclohexyl]-4-yl]-2,3-difluorophenol 860296-36-2 C20H28F2O
[trans(trans)]-1-(4'-Ethyl[1,1'-bicyclohexyl]-4-yl)-4-iodobenzene 152187-20-7 C20H29I
[cis(trans)]-1-(4'-Ethyl[1,1'-bicyclohexyl]-4-yl)-4-iodobenzene 152126-37-9 C20H29I
[trans(trans)]-5-(4'-Ethyl[1,1'-bicyclohexyl]-4-yl)-1,2,3-trifluorobenzene 139215-80-8 C20H27F3
4-Ethylbiphenyl 5707-44-8 C14H14
4'-Ethyl-4-biphenylamine 5728-70-1 C14H15N
4'-Ethyl-4-biphenylboronic acid 153035-62-2 C14H15BO2
4'-Ethyl-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid 5731-13-5 C15H14O2
4'-Ethylbiphenyl-4-ol 21345-28-8 C14H14O
Ethyl 5-[2,4-bis(benzyloxy)-5-isopropylphenyl]isoxazole-3-carboxylate 747414-20-6 C29H29NO5
Ethyl 4,5-bis(2-methoxyethoxy)-2-aminobenzoate 179688-27-8 C15H23NO6
Ethyl 3,4-bis(2-methoxyethoxy)benzoate 183322-16-9 C15H22O6
Ethyl 4,5-bis(2-methoxyethoxy)-2-nitrobenzoate 179688-26-7 C15H21NO8
Ethyl 3,3-bis(methylthio)-2-cyanoacrylate 17823-58-4 C8H11NO2S2
Ethyl [3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl](oxo)acetate 402568-10-9 C12H8F6O3
Ethyl N-Boc-4-methylpiperidine-4-carboxylate 189442-87-3 C14H25NO4
Ethyl (R)-1-Boc-nipecotate 194726-40-4 C13H23NO4
Ethyl 1-Boc-5-oxohexahydro-1H-azepine-4-carboxylate 141642-82-2 C14H23NO5
Ethyl 1-N-Boc-3-oxopiperidine-4-carboxylate 71233-25-5 C13H21NO5
Ethyl N-Boc-4-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylate 146256-98-6 C12H19NO5
Ethyl (S)-N-Boc-piperidine-3-carboxylate 191599-51-6 C13H23NO4
Ethyl 1-Boc-piperidine-2-carboxylate 362703-48-8 C13H23NO4
Ethyl 1-Boc-3-piperidinecarboxylate 130250-54-3 C13H23NO4
Ethyl N-Boc-piperidine-4-carboxylate 142851-03-4 C13H23NO4
Ethyl Boc-D-pyroglutamate 144978-35-8 C12H19NO5
Ethyl 1-Boc-3-pyrrolidinecarboxylate 170844-49-2 C12H21NO4
Ethylboronic acid 4433-63-0 C2H7BO2
Ethyl bromoacetate 105-36-2 C4H7BrO2
Ethyl 4-bromoacetoacetate 13176-46-0 C6H9BrO3
Ethyl 6-bromobenzisoxazole-3-carboxylate 651780-27-7 C10H8BrNO3
Ethyl 4-bromobenzoate 5798-75-4 C9H9BrO2
Ethyl 3-bromobenzoate 24398-88-7 C9H9BrO2
Ethyl 2-bromobenzoate 6091-64-1 C9H9BrO2
Ethyl 7-bromobenzofuran-2-carboxylate 1033201-65-8 C11H9BrO3
Ethyl 5-bromobenzofuran-2-carboxylate 84102-69-2 C11H9BrO3
Ethyl 2-(5-bromobenzofuran-3-yl)acetate 200204-85-9 C12H11BrO3
Ethyl 5-bromobenzo[d]isothiazole-3-carboxylate 936923-58-9 C10H8BrNO2S
Ethyl 6-bromobenzo[d]isothiazole-3-carboxylate 858671-74-6 C10H8BrNO2S
Ethyl 5-bromobenzo[d]isoxazole-3-carboxylate 668969-70-8 C10H8BrNO3
Ethyl 2-Bromobenzothiazole-6-carboxylate 99073-88-8 C10H8BrNO2S
Ethyl (5-bromobenzothiophen-3-yl)acetate 17266-44-3 C12H11BrO2S
Ethyl (4-bromobenzoyl)acetate 26510-95-2 C11H11BrO3
Ethyl 4-bromobenzoylformate 20201-26-7 C10H9BrO3
Ethyl 3-bromo-2-(bromomethyl)propionate 58539-11-0 C6H10Br2O2
Ethyl 4-bromobutyrate 2969-81-5 C6H11BrO2
Ethyl 3-bromobutyrate 7425-49-2 C6H11BrO2
DL-Ethyl 2-bromobutyrate 533-68-6 C6H11BrO2
Ethyl 2-bromo-4-chlorobenzoate 690260-90-3 C9H8BrClO2
Ethyl 8-Bromo-6-chloroimidazo[1,2-a]pyridine-2-carboxylate 951884-22-3 C10H8BrClN2O2
Ethyl 2-bromo-2-(3-chlorophenyl)acetate 41024-33-3 C10H10BrClO2

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