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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
3'-Fluoroacetophenone 455-36-7 C8H7FO
2-Fluoro-5-acetylphenylboronic acid 870777-29-0 C8H8BFO3
2-Fluoroacrylic acid 430-99-9 C3H3FO2
2-Fluoroadenine 700-49-2 C5H4FN5
2-Fluoroadenosine 146-78-1 C10H12FN5O4
7-Fluoro-4(4aH)-quinazolinone 1210824-60-4 C8H5FN2O
2-Fluoro-4-aminobenzoic acid methyl ester 73792-08-2 C8H8FNO2
3-Fluoro-4-aminobenzonitrile 63069-50-1 C7H5FN2
7-Fluoro-6-amino-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-3(4H)-one 112748-06-8 C8H7FN2O2
2-Fluoro-5-(aminomethyl)pyridine 205744-17-8 C6H7FN2
6-Fluoro-2-aminophenol 53981-25-2 C6H6FNO
3-Fluoro-2-aminopyridine-5-boronic acid pinacol ester 944401-75-6 C11H16BFN2O2
2-Fluoro-5-aminotoluene 452-69-7 C7H8FN
2-Fluoroaniline 348-54-9 C6H6FN
4-Fluoroaniline 371-40-4 C6H6FN
3-Fluoroaniline 372-19-0 C6H6FN
3-Fluoroanisole 456-49-5 C7H7FO
2-Fluoroanisole 321-28-8 C7H7FO
4-Fluoroanisole 459-60-9 C7H7FO
1-Fluoroanthracene 7651-80-1 C14H9F
5-Fluoro-7-azaindole 866319-00-8 C7H5FN2
4-Fluoro-7-azaindole 640735-23-5 C7H5FN2
3-Fluoroazetidine 690257-76-2 C3H6FN
3-Fluoroazetidine hydrochloride 617718-46-4 C3H6FN.HCl
5-Fluorobarbituric acid 767-80-6 C4H3FN2O3
2-Fluorobenzal chloride 320-65-0 C7H5Cl2F
3-Fluorobenzaldehyde 456-48-4 C7H5FO
4-Fluorobenzaldehyde 459-57-4 C7H5FO
2-Fluorobenzaldehyde 446-52-6 C7H5FO
4-Fluorobenzamide 824-75-9 C7H6FNO
2-Fluorobenzamide 445-28-3 C7H6FNO
4-Fluorobenzamidine hydrochloride 2339-59-5 C7H7FN2.HCl
2-Fluorobenzamidine hydrochloride 57075-81-7 C7H7FN2.HCl
4-Fluorobenzamidine hydrochloride 456-14-4 C7H7FN2.HCl
3-Fluorobenzamidine hydrochloride 75207-72-6 C7H7FN2.HCl
Fluorobenzene 462-06-6 C6H5F
3-Fluorobenzeneacetic acid methyl ester 64123-77-9 C9H9FO2
4-Fluorobenzeneboronic acid 1765-93-1 C6H6BFO2
3-Fluorobenzenecarboximidamide 69491-64-1 C7H7FN2
4-Fluorobenzene-1,3-dicarboxylic acid 327-95-7 C8H5FO4
3-Fluorobenzene-1,2-diol 363-52-0 C6H5FO2
4-Fluorobenzenesulfonamide 402-46-0 C6H6FNO2S
2-Fluorobenzenesulfonamide 30058-40-3 C6H6FNO2S
4-Fluorobenzenesulfonic acid 368-88-7 C6H5FO3S
2-Fluorobenzenesulfonic acid 35300-35-7 C6H5FO3S
3-Fluorobenzenesulfonic acid 657-47-6 C6H5FO3S
N-Fluorobenzenesulfonimide 133745-75-2 C12H10FNO4S2
4-Fluorobenzenesulfonyl chloride 349-88-2 C6H4ClFO2S
2-Fluorobenzenesulfonyl chloride 2905-21-7 C6H4ClFO2S
1-(4-Fluorobenzenesulfonyl)piperidin-4-ylamine hydrochloride 442124-75-6 C11H15FN2O2S.HCl

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