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List of Chemical Product Names (Page F50)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
2-Fluorophenol 367-12-4 C6H5FO
4-Fluorophenol 371-41-5 C6H5FO
4-Fluorophenoxyacetic acid 405-79-8 C8H7FO3
2-(3-Fluorophenoxy)acetic acid 404-98-8 C8H7FO3
4-(4-Fluorophenoxy)aniline 36160-82-4 C12H10FNO
3-(3-Fluorophenoxy)azetidine 106860-03-1 C9H10FNO
3-(2-Fluorophenoxy)azetidine 918831-13-7 C9H10FNO
3-(4-Fluorophenoxy)azetidine 702628-84-0 C9H10FNO
4-Fluoro-3-phenoxybenzaldehyde 68359-57-9 C13H9FO2
2-Fluoro-6-phenoxybenzonitrile 175204-06-5 C13H8FNO
3-(4-Fluorophenoxy)benzyl bromide 65295-58-1 C13H10BrFO
(2S)-1-(4-Fluorophenoxy)-3-butyn-2-ol 524714-03-2 C10H9FO2
2-(4-Fluorophenoxy)ethylamine 6096-89-5 C8H10FNO
(S)-6-(4-Fluorophenoxy)-3-[(1-isopropylpiperidin-3-yl)methyl]-2-methylquinazolin-4(3H)-one 875258-85-8 C24H28FN3O2
2-(4-Fluorophenoxy)nicotinic acid 54629-13-9 C12H8FNO3
4-(4-Fluorophenoxy)phenylboronic acid 361437-00-5 C12H10BFO3
(2-Fluoro-6-phenoxyphenyl)boronic acid 1056372-58-7 C12H10BFO3
2-(4-Fluoro-3-phenoxyphenyl)-1,3-dioxolane 77771-05-2 C15H13FO3
4-(4-Fluorophenoxy)piperidine 3413-28-3 C11H14FNO
4-(2-Fluorophenoxy)piperidine 3623-02-7 C11H14FNO
4-(2-Fluorophenoxy)-1-piperidinecarboxylic acid tert-butyl ester 944808-08-6 C16H22FNO3
3-(4-Fluorophenoxy)propionic acid 1579-78-8 C9H9FO3
(3R)-3-(4-Fluorophenoxy)pyrrolidine 900512-41-6 C10H12FNO
4-Fluorophenyl acetate 405-51-6 C8H7FO2
Fluorophenylacetic acid 1578-63-8 C8H7FO2
2-Fluorophenylacetic acid 451-82-1 C8H7FO2
3-Fluorophenylacetic acid 331-25-9 C8H7FO2
4-Fluorophenylacetic acid 405-50-5 C8H7FO2
4-Fluorophenylacetone 459-03-0 C9H9FO
2-Fluorophenylacetone 2836-82-0 C9H9FO
3-Fluorophenylacetone 1737-19-5 C9H9FO
2-Fluorophenylacetonitrile 326-62-5 C8H6FN
3-Fluorophenylacetonitrile 501-00-8 C8H6FN
4-Fluorophenylacetonitrile 459-22-3 C8H6FN
4'-Fluoro-2-phenylacetophenone 347-84-2 C14H11FO
2-Fluorophenylacetyl chloride 451-81-0 C8H6ClFO
4-Fluorophenylacetyl chloride 459-04-1 C8H6ClFO
4-Fluorophenylacetylene 766-98-3 C8H5F
2-Fluorophenylacetylene 766-49-4 C8H5F
3-Fluorophenylacetylene 2561-17-3 C8H5F
4-Fluorophenylacetyl hydrazine 34547-28-9 C8H9FN2O
N-[4-[(4-Fluorophenyl)acetyl]-2-pyridinyl]acetamide 452056-81-4 C15H13FN2O2
3-Fluoro-L-phenylalanine 19883-77-3 C9H10FNO2
3-Fluoro-D-phenylalanine 110117-84-5 C9H10FNO2
2-Fluoro-DL-phenylalanine 2629-55-2 C9H10FNO2
L-4-Fluorophenylalanine 1132-68-9 C9H10FNO2
DL-4-Fluorophenylalanine 51-65-0 C9H10FNO2
2-Fluoro-D-phenylalanine 97731-02-7 C9H10FNO2
2-Fluoro-L-phenylalanine 19883-78-4 C9H10FNO2
2-Fluoro-D-phenylalanine 122839-51-4 C9H10FNO2

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