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List of Chemical Product Names (Page G10)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
D-Glucosamine-6-sulfate 91674-26-9 C6H13NO8S
Glucosamine sulfate 14999-43-0 2(C6H13NO5).H2SO4
beta-D-Glucose 492-61-5 C6H12O6
D(+)-Glucose 50-99-7 C6H12O6
alpha-D-Glucose 492-62-6 C6H12O6
L-Glucose 921-60-8 C6H12O6
D-Glucose-1-13C-2-C-D 201417-06-3 C6H11DO6
D-Glucose-1,2,3,4,5,6,6-D7 66034-51-3 C6H5D7O6
D-Glucose 6-(dihydrogen phosphate) dipotassium salt trihydrate 207727-36-4 C6H11O9PK2.3(H2O)
D-(+)-Glucose monohydrate 14431-43-7 C6H12O6.H2O
D-Glucose monohydrate 5996-10-1 C6H12O6.H2O
alpha-D-Glucose pentaacetate 3891-59-6 C16H22O11
beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate 604-69-3 C16H22O11
alpha-D-Glucose pentaacetate 604-68-2 C16H22O11
alpha-D-Glucose pentabenzoate 22415-91-4 C41H32O11
D-Glucose 6-phosphate 56-73-5 C6H13O9P
alpha-D-Glucose 1-phosphate disodium salt 56401-20-8 C6H11O9P.2Na
D-Glucose-6-phosphate disodium salt 3671-99-6 C6H11Na2O9P
D-Glucose-6-phosphate sodium salt 54010-71-8 C6H12O9P.Na
D-Glucose 3-sulfate sodium salt 89830-83-1 C6H11O9S.Na
6-O-alpha-D-Glucosyl-alpha-cyclodextrin 10058-19-2 C42H70O35
6-O-alpha-D-Glucosyl-beta-cyclodextrin 92517-02-7 C48H80O40
6'-O-beta-D-Glucosylgentiopicroside 115713-06-9 C22H30O14
4'-O-beta-D-Glucosyl-5-O-methylvisamminol 84272-85-5 C22H28O10
2-O-beta-D-Glucosyloxy-4-methoxybenzenepropanoic acid 477873-63-5 C16H22O9
Glucosylvitexin 76135-82-5 C21H20O11.C6H12O6
Glucosyringic acid 33228-65-8 C15H20O10
Glucovanillin 494-08-6 C14H18O8
Glucozyme 9032-08-0
D-Glucuronic acid 6556-12-3 C6H10O7
D-Glucuronic acid 2-propen-1-yl ester 188717-04-6 C9H14O7
D-Glucuronic acid sodium salt 14984-34-0 C6H9O7.Na
D(+)-Glucurono-3,6-lactone 32449-92-6 C6H8O6
D-Glucurono-6,3-lactone acetonide 20513-98-8 C9H12O6
Glufosfamide 132682-98-5 C10H21Cl2N2O7P
Glufosinate-ammonium 77182-82-2 C5H15N2O4P
Glutacondianil hydrochloride 1497-49-0 C17H16N2.HCl
L-Glutamamide monohydrochloride 21752-29-4 C5H11N3O2.HCl
L-Glutamic acid 56-86-0 C5H9NO4
15N-L-Glutamic acid 21160-87-2 C5H9NO4
D(-)-Glutamic acid 6893-26-1 C5H9NO4
DL-Glutamic acid 617-65-2 C5H9NO4
L-Glutamic acid alpha-benzyl ester 13030-09-6 C12H15NO4
L-Glutamic acid 5-cyclohexyl ester 112471-82-6 C11H19NO4
L-Glutamic acid dibenzyl ester 4-toluenesulfonate 2791-84-6 C19H21NO4.C7H8O3S
L-Glutamic acid dimethyl ester hydrochloride 23150-65-4 C7H13NO4.HCl
D-Glutamic acid 5-(1,1-dimethylethyl) ester 45125-00-6 C9H17NO4
L-Glutamic acid 1-(1,1-dimethylethyl) 5-(phenylmethyl) ester hydrochloride 105590-97-4 C16H23NO4.HCl
L-Glutamic acid di-2-propenyl ester 4-methylbenzenesulfonate 20845-16-3 C11H17NO4.C7H8O3S
L-Glutamic acid di-tert-butyl ester hydrochloride 32677-01-3 C13H25NO4.HCl

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