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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
D-Glyceric acid 6000-40-4 C3H6O4
L-Glyceric acid 28305-26-2 C3H6O4
Glycerin distearate 1323-83-7 C39H76O5
Glycerine monooleate 25496-72-4 C21H40O4
Glycerine propoxylate triacrylate 52408-84-1 C21H32O9
Glycerin 1-monolaurate 142-18-7 C15H30O4
Glycerin 1-monooleate 111-03-5 C21H40O4
Glycerol 56-81-5 C3H8O3
Glycerol dihydrogen phosphate sodium salt 39951-36-5 C3H9O6P.xNa
Glycerol 1,2-ditetradecanoate 20255-94-1 C31H60O5
Glycerol ethoxylated propoxylated 9082-00-2 C3H8O3.3(C2H4O)n.3(C3H6O)x
Glycerol formal 4740-78-7 C4H8O3
Glycerol 5-hydroxydecanoate 26446-31-1 C13H26O5
Glycerol 5-hydroxydodecanoate 26446-32-2 C15H30O5
Glycerol 1-(26-hydroxyhexacosanoate) 177602-14-1 C29H58O5
Glycerol monomyristate 27214-38-6 C17H34O4
rac-Glycerol 1-myristate 589-68-4 C17H34O4
Glycerol phosphate calcium salt 27214-00-2 C3H9O6P.Ca
Glycerol phosphate disodium salt hydrate 55073-41-1 C3H7Na2O6P.H2O
Glycerol propoxylate triglycidyl ether 37237-76-6 C21H38O9
(R)-Glycerol 1-(p-toluenesulfonate) 41274-09-3 C10H14O5S
Glycerol triglycidyl ether 13236-02-7 C12H20O6
Glycerol triheptanoate 620-67-7 C24H44O6
Glycerol tris[poly(propylene glycol)amine terminated] ether 64852-22-8
Glycerol tristearate 555-43-1 C57H110O6
Glycerophosphoric acid 57-03-4 C3H9O6P
beta-Glycerophosphoric acid disodium salt pentahydrate 13408-09-8 C3H7Na2O6P.5(H2O)
Glyceryl behenate 77538-19-3 C3H8O3.x(C22H44O2)
Glyceryl monostearate 31566-31-1 C21H42O4
Glyceryl monothioglycolate 30618-84-9 C5H10O4S
Glyceryl stearate 11099-07-3 C18H36O2.x(C3H8O3)
Glyceryl tribenzoate 614-33-5 C24H20O6
Glyceryl tri(2-ethylhexanoate) 7360-38-5 C27H50O6
Glyceryl tripalmitate 555-44-2 C51H98O6
Glycidaldehyde diethylacetal 13269-77-7 C7H14O3
(R)-(+)-Glycidol 57044-25-4 C3H6O2
Glycidol 556-52-5 C3H6O2
3-Glycidoxypropyldimethoxymethylsilane 65799-47-5 C9H20O4Si
(3-Glycidoxypropyl)methyldiethoxysilane 2897-60-1 C11H24O4Si
3-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane 2530-83-8 C9H20O5Si
(R)-Glycidyl butyrate 60456-26-0 C7H12O3
Glycidyl butyrate 2461-40-7 C7H12O3
(S)-(+)-Glycidyl butyrate 65031-96-1 C7H12O3
Glycidyl methacrylate 106-91-2 C7H10O3
(S)-(+)-Glycidyl-4-nitrobenzenesulfonate 118712-60-0 C9H9NO6S
(R)-(-)-Glycidyl-4-nitrobenzenesulfonate 123750-60-7 C9H9NO6S
Glycidyl 4-nonylphenyl ether 6178-32-1 C18H28O2
(S)-(+)-Glycidyl nosylate 115314-14-2 C9H9NO6S
(R)-(-)-Glycidyl nosylate 115314-17-5 C9H9NO6S
12-(Glycidyloxy)oleic acid glycerol ester 74398-71-3 C66H116O12

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