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List of Chemical Product Names (Page G2)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
7-(beta-D-Galactopyranosyloxy)-4-(trifluoromethyl)-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one 117153-55-6 C16H15F3O8
D(+)-Galactosamine hydrochloride 1772-03-8 C6H13NO5.HCl
D-Galactosamine pentaacetate 76375-60-5 C16H23NO10
D-Galactose 59-23-4 C6H12O6
L-Galactose 15572-79-9 C6H12O6
D-Galactose, diethyl monothioacetal 5456-67-7 C10H22O6S
Galactose oxidase 9028-79-9
beta-D-Galactose pentaacetate 4163-60-4 C16H22O11
alpha-Galactosidase 9025-35-8
2-(beta-D-Galactosidoxy)naphthalene-3-carboxylic acid 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroanilide 94123-05-4 C25H26ClNO9
beta-D-Galactosyl-(1$rarr$3)-N-acetyl-D-galactosamine 3554-90-3 C14H25NO11
D-Galactosyl-alpha-(1$rarr$4)-D-galactosyl-beta-(1$rarr$4)-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine 54832-51-8 C20H35NO16
D-Galacturonic acid hydrate 91510-62-2 C6H10O7.H2O
Galacturonic acid polymer 25990-10-7 (C6H10O7)x
Galamustine 105618-02-8 C10H19Cl2NO5
Galangin 548-83-4 C15H10O5
Galanin 119418-04-1
Galanin-like peptide (human clone pGR2HL14) 245114-99-2 C292H451N83O84S
Galanin-like peptide (Rattus norvegicus) 245114-97-0 C288H461N87O83S
Galanin-like peptide (swine) 245114-96-9 C281H443N81O78
Galanolactone 115753-79-2 C20H30O3
Galanthamine 357-70-0 C17H21NO3
Galanthamine hydrobromide 1953-04-4 C17H21NO3.HBr;C17H22BrNO3
Galanthaminone 510-77-0 C17H19NO3
(-)-Galanthaminyl (-)-camphanate 1025881-27-9 C27H33NO6
Galantide 138579-66-5 C104H151N25O26S
Galardin 142880-36-2 C20H28N4O4
Galarubicin hydrochloride 140637-82-7 C30H32FNO13.HCl
Galbanum oxyacetate 68901-15-5 C11H18O3
Galegine sulfate 20284-78-0 C6H13N3.x(H2SO4)
Galida 251565-85-2 C20H24O7S
Gallamine triethiodide 65-29-2 C30H60I3N3O3
Gallein 2103-64-2 C20H12O7
Gallic acid 149-91-7 C7H6O5
Gallic acid monohydrate 5995-86-8 C7H6O5.H2O
Gallium 7440-55-3 Ga
Gallium arsenide 1303-00-0 GaAs
Gallium 8-hydroxyquinolinate 14642-34-3 C27H18GaN3O3
Gallium maltolate 108560-70-9 C18H15GaO9
Gallium monoantimonide 12064-03-8 GaSb
Gallium monotelluride 12024-14-5 GaTe
Gallium nitride 25617-97-4 GaN
Gallium(III) oxide 12024-21-4 Ga2O3
Gallium phosphide 12063-98-8 GaP
Gallium trichloride 13450-90-3 GaCl3
Gallium(III) trifluoromethanesulphonate 74974-60-0 C3F9GaO9S3
Gallium trinitrate 13494-90-1 Ga(NO3)3
Gallium trinitrate hydrate 69365-72-6 Ga(NO3)3.x(H2O)
Gallocatechin 970-73-0 C15H14O7
(-)-Gallocatechin 3371-27-5 C15H14O7

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