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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Irganox 3125 34137-09-2 C60H87N3O12
Irgarol 28159-98-0 C11H19N5S
Iridium 7439-88-5 Ir
Iridium(III) acetylacetonate 15635-87-7 C15H21IrO6
Iridium(IV) chloride 119401-96-6 IrCl4
Iridium(III) chloride hydrate 14996-61-3 IrCl3.H2O
Iridium dioxide 12030-49-8 IrO2
Iridium dioxide hydrate 30980-84-8 IrO2.x(H2O)
Iridium tetrachloride 10025-97-5 IrCl4
Iridium tetraiodide 7790-45-6 IrI4
Iridium trichloride 10025-83-9 IrCl3
Iridium trichloride trihydrate 13569-57-8 IrCl3.3(H2O)
Iriflophenone 52591-10-3 C13H10O5
Iriflophenone 3-C-beta-D-glucopyranoside 104669-02-5 C19H20O10
Irigenin 548-76-5 C18H16O8
Irigenin-7-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside 491-74-7 C24H26O13
Irilone 41653-81-0 C16H10O6
Irinotecan 97682-44-5 C33H38N4O6
Irinotecan hydrochloride 100286-90-6 C33H38N4O6.HCl
Irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate 136572-09-3 C33H38N4O6.HCl.3(H2O)
Irisflorentin 41743-73-1 C20H18O8
Irisone 14901-07-6 C13H20O
IRL 1620 142569-99-1 C86H117N17O27
(-)-Irofulven 158440-71-2 C15H18O3
Iron 7439-89-6 Fe
Iron bis(tetrafluoroborate) hexahydrate 13877-16-2 Fe(BF4)2.6(H2O)
Iron bromide 7789-46-0 FeBr2
Iron(III) citrate 3522-50-7 C6H5FeO7
Iron citrate tetrahydrate 2338-05-8 C6H5FeO7.4(H2O)
Iron(III) citrate trihydrate 17217-76-4 FeC6H5O7.3(H2O)
Iron-dextran 9004-66-4
Iron hydroxide 1309-33-7 Fe(OH)3
Iron hydroxide oxide 20344-49-4 FeHO2
Iron naphthenate 1338-14-3 2(C11H7O2).Fe
Iron nickel oxide 12168-54-6 Fe2NiO4
Iron oxide 1332-37-2
Iron oxide black 12227-89-3 Fe3O4
Iron Oxide Black 1309-38-2 Fe3O4
Ironpentacarbonyl 37220-42-1 Fe(CO)5
Iron(III) perchlorate hydrate 15201-61-3 Fe(ClO4)3.x(H2O)
Iron phthalocyanine 132-16-1 C32H16FeN8
Iron(III) phthalocyanine chloride 14285-56-4 C32H16ClFeN8
Iron potassium oxide 39469-86-8 K2FeO4
Iron saccharate 8047-67-4
Iron strontium oxide 12023-91-5 Fe12O19Sr
Iron(II) tetrafluoroborate 15283-51-9 Fe(BF4)2
Iron(III) p-toluenesulfonate 77214-82-5 C21H21FeO9S3
Iron(III) p-toluenesulfonate hexahydrate 312619-41-3 (C7H7O3S)3.Fe.6(H2O)
Iron(II) trifluoromethanesulfonate 59163-91-6 C2F6FeO6S2
Iron(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate 63295-48-7 C3F9FeO9S3

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