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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Isoastilbin 54081-48-0 C21H22O11
Isoastragaloside I 84676-88-0 C45H72O16
Isobavachalcone 20784-50-3 C20H20O4
Isobavachin 31524-62-6 C20H20O4
(±)-Isobavachin 24672-86-4 C20H20O4
1(3H)-Isobenzofuranone-1-11C 591234-45-6 C8H6O2
Isobergapten 482-48-4 C12H8O4
Isobergaptol 21339-45-7 C11H6O4
Isobonducellin 610778-85-3 C17H14O4
Isoboonein 99946-04-0 C9H14O3
Isoboonein acetate 99891-77-7 C11H16O4
DL-Isoborneol 124-76-5 C10H18O
Isobornyl acetate 125-12-2 C12H20O2
Isobornyl acrylate 5888-33-5 C13H20O2
Isobornyl butyrate 58479-55-3 C14H24O2
Isobornyl isobutyrate 85586-67-0 C14H24O2
Isobornyl isovalerate 7779-73-9 C15H26O2
Isobornyl methacrylate 7534-94-3 C14H22O2
Isobornyl 2-methyl-2-propenoate 28854-39-9 C14H22O2
Isobornyl propanoate 2756-56-1 C13H22O2
Isobutanamidoxime 35613-84-4 C4H10N2O
Isobutane 75-28-5 C4H10
Isobutaneboronic acid 84110-40-7 C4H11BO2
Isobutanesulfonyl chloride 35432-36-1 C4H9ClO2S
N-(Isobutoxymethyl)acrylamide 16669-59-3 C8H15NO2
(4-Isobutoxyphenyl)boronic acid 153624-44-3 C10H15BO3
Isobutyl acetate 110-19-0 C6H12O2
Isobutyl acetoacetate 7779-75-1 C8H14O3
Isobutyl acrylate 106-63-8 C7H12O2
Isobutylamine 78-81-9 C4H11N
[3-(Isobutylaminocarbonyl)phenyl]boronic acid 723282-09-5 C11H16BNO3
4-Isobutylamino-3-nitroquinoline 99009-85-5 C13H15N3O2
4-Isobutylaniline 30090-17-6 C10H15N
Isobutyl anthranilate 7779-77-3 C11H15NO2
4-Isobutylbenzaldehyde 40150-98-9 C11H14O
Isobutylbenzene 538-93-2 C10H14
Isobutyl benzoate 120-50-3 C11H14O2
4-Isobutylbenzoic acid 38861-88-0 C11H14O2
Isobutyl benzyl carbinol 7779-78-4 C12H18O
Isobutyl 2-butenoate 589-66-2 C8H14O2
Isobutyl butyrate 539-90-2 C8H16O2
Isobutyl caprate 30673-38-2 C14H28O2
Isobutyl chloride 513-36-0 C4H9Cl
Isobutyl 5-chloro-2,2-dimethylvalerate 109232-37-3 C11H21ClO2
Isobutyl chloroformate 543-27-1 C5H9ClO2
(S)-Isobutyl-2-chloropropanoate 83261-15-8 C7H13ClO2
Isobutyl cinnamate 122-67-8 C13H16O2
4-Isobutylcinnamic acid 66734-95-0 C13H16O2
Isobutyl cyanoacetate 13361-31-4 C7H11NO2
Isobutyl 3,5-diamino-4-chloro benzoate 32961-44-7 C11H15ClN2O2

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