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List of Chemical Product Names (Page N10)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Neopentanediol dimethacrylate 1985-51-9 C13H20O4
Neopentylamine 5813-64-9 C5H13N
Neopentylbenzene 1007-26-7 C11H16
Neopentyl dibromide 5434-27-5 C5H10Br2
Neopentyl glycol diacrylate 2223-82-7 C11H16O4
Neopentylglycol dibenzoate 4196-89-8 C19H20O4
Neopentyl glycol diglycidyl ether 17557-23-2 C11H20O4
Neopentyl glycol tallate 68002-76-6
Neopentylglycolycol bis acetoacetate 14276-67-6 C13H20O6
Neopentyl iodide 15501-33-4 C5H11I
1-Neopentylpiperazine 57184-50-6 C9H20N2
Neoprocurcumenol 102130-91-6 C15H22O2
Neoprzewaquinone A 630057-39-5 C36H28O6
D-(+)-Neopterin 2009-64-5 C9H11N5O4
Neoquassine 76-77-7 C22H30O6
Neorauflavane 53734-74-0 C21H22O5
Neorauflavene 53734-75-1 C21H20O5
Neoruscogenin 17676-33-4 C27H40O4
Neoschaftoside 61328-41-4 C26H28O14
Neosophoramine 52932-74-8 C15H20N2O
Neosperidin dihydrochalcone 20702-77-6 C28H36O15
Neostenine 477953-07-4 C17H27NO2
Neostigmine bromide 114-80-7 C12H19BrN2O2
Neostigmine methyl sulfate 51-60-5 C13H22N2O6S
Neo Super Black C 832 72812-34-1 C32H18CrN6O8.C11H25NO.H
Neotame 165450-17-9 C20H30N2O5
Neotetrazolium chloride 298-95-3 C38H28Cl2N8
Neotriptophenolide 81827-74-9 C21H26O4
Neotuberostemonine 143120-46-1 C22H33NO4
Neotuberostemonone 954379-68-1 C22H31NO6
Nepafenac-d5 1246814-53-8 C15H9D5N2O2
Nepafenac 78281-72-8 C15H14N2O2
Nepeta hederacea, ext. 84650-18-0
Nepetalactone 21651-62-7 C10H14O2
Nepetin 520-11-6 C16H12O7
Nepetin-7-glucoside 569-90-4 C22H22O12
Nephilatoxin 9 114355-42-9 C30H49N11O5
Nepicastat 173997-05-2 C14H15F2N3S
Nepicastat hydrochloride 170151-24-3 C14H15F2N3S.HCl
Nequinate 13997-19-8 C22H23NO4
Neratinib 698387-09-6 C30H29ClN6O3
Neratinib maleate 915942-22-2 C30H29ClN6O3.C4H4O4
Neridienone B 61671-56-5 C21H28O4
17alpha-Neriifolin 7044-31-7 C30H46O8
Neritaloside 465-13-4 C32H48O10
Nerol 106-25-2 C10H18O
Nerolidol 7212-44-4 C15H26O
Nerolidol 40716-66-3 C15H26O
Nerolidol acetate 2306-78-7 C17H28O2
Neroli Oil 8016-38-4

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