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List of Chemical Product Names (Page N8)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
(2alpha)-A'-Neogammacerane-2,22-diol 1193250-54-2 C30H52O2
Neochamaejasmin B 90411-12-4 C30H22O10
Neochlorogenic acid 906-33-2 C16H18O9
Neocnidilide 4567-33-3 C12H18O2
Neocuproine 484-11-7 C14H12N2
Neocuproin hydrochloride monohydrate 303136-82-5 C14H12N2.ClH.H2O
Neocurzerene 17910-09-7 C15H20O
Neodecanoic acid 26896-20-8 C10H20O2
Neodecanoyl chloride 40292-82-8 C10H19ClO
Neodiosmin 38665-01-9 C28H32O15
Neodymium 7440-00-8 Nd
Neodymium bis(trimethylsilyl)amide 41836-23-1 (148274-47-9) 3(C6H18NSi2).Nd
Neodymium chloride 10024-93-8 NdCl3
Neodymium(III) chloride hexahydrate 13477-89-9 NdCl3.6(H2O)
Neodymium(III) fluoride 13709-42-7 NdF3
Neodymium hydroxide 16469-17-3 Nd(OH)3
Neodymium(III) isopropoxide 19236-15-8 C9H21NdO3
Neodymium neocaprate 106726-11-8 3(C10H20O2).Nd
Neodymium nitrate hexahydrate 16454-60-7 Nd(NO3)3.6(H2O)
Neodymium(III) nitrate hydrate 13746-96-8 Nd(NO3)3
Neodymium oxide 1313-97-9 Nd2O3
Neodymium tribromide 13536-80-6 NdBr3
Neodymium(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate 34622-08-7 C3F9NdO9S3
Neodymium triiodide 13813-24-6 NdI3
Neoechinulin A 51551-29-2 C19H21N3O2
Neoeriocitrin 13241-32-2 C27H32O15
Neogambogic acid 93772-31-7 C38H46O9
Neohesperidin 13241-33-3 C28H34O15
Neoisoastilbin 54141-72-9 C21H22O11
Neoisoliquiritin 7014-39-3 C21H22O9
Neokadsuranin 115181-68-5 C23H26O7
Neoline 14-benzoate 99633-05-3 C31H43NO7
Neolinine 112515-37-4 C23H37NO6
Neolitsine 2466-42-4 C19H17NO4
Neomangiferin 64809-67-2 C25H28O16
(S)-Neomenthyldiphenylphosphine 43077-29-8 C22H29P
Neomycin sulfate 1405-10-3 C23H46N6O13.3(H2SO4);C23H52N6O25S3
(3beta,6beta,21beta)-A'-Neo-24-norgammacera-4(23),22(29)-diene-3,6-diol 194613-74-6 C28H42O13
Neopentanediol dimethacrylate 1985-51-9 C13H20O4
Neopentylamine 5813-64-9 C5H13N
Neopentylbenzene 1007-26-7 C11H16
Neopentyl dibromide 5434-27-5 C5H10Br2
Neopentyl glycol diacrylate 2223-82-7 C11H16O4
Neopentylglycol dibenzoate 4196-89-8 C19H20O4
Neopentyl glycol diglycidyl ether 17557-23-2 C11H20O4
Neopentylglycolycol bis acetoacetate 14276-67-6 C13H20O6
Neopentyl iodide 15501-33-4 C5H11I
1-Neopentylpiperazine 57184-50-6 C9H20N2
Neoprzewaquinone A 630057-39-5 C36H28O6
D-(+)-Neopterin 2009-64-5 C9H11N5O4

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