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List of Chemical Product Names (Page O16)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
9(or 10)-(Hydroxymethyl)-1-octadecanol 75801-91-1 C19H40O2
9(or 10)-Hydroxy-10(or 9)-methoxyoctadecanoic acid monolithium salt 84777-63-9 C19H37O4.Li
Oridonin 28957-04-2 C20H28O6
Orientanol A 190381-82-9 C21H24O7
Orientin 28608-75-5 C21H20O11
Orientin-2''-O-p-trans-coumarate 1229437-75-5 C30H26O13
Origanum oil 8007-11-2
Origanum vulgare extract 84012-24-8
Orion 83130-01-2 C17H25N3O4S2
Oritavancin 171099-57-3 C86H97Cl3N10O26
Oritavancin diphosphate 192564-14-0 C86H97Cl3N10O26.2(H3PO4)
Orlistat 96829-58-2 C29H53NO5
2(or 4)-Methylbutanoic acid 84800-54-4 C5H10O2
alpha(or beta)-Methyl-1H-imidazole-1-ethanol 68132-83-2 C6H10N2O
Ormetoprim 6981-18-6 C14H18N4O2
Ormosin VI 78454-17-8 (111149-94-1) C45H49NO13
Ornidazole 16773-42-5 C7H10ClN3O3
Ornipressin 3397-23-7 C45H63N13O12S2
L-Ornithine 70-26-8 C5H12N2O2
L-Ornithine acetate 60259-81-6 C5H12N2O2.C2H4O2
L-Ornithine L-aspartate salt 3230-94-2 C5H12N2O2.C4H7NO4
L-Ornithine ethyl ester 4189-46-2 C7H16N2O2
L-Ornithine homopolymer hydrobromide 27378-49-0 (C5H12N2O2)x.(HBr)x
DL-Ornithine hydrochloride 1069-31-4 C5H12N2O2.HCl
D-Ornithine hydrochloride 99815-05-1 C5H12N2O2.x(HCl)
L(+)-Ornithine hydrochloride 3184-13-2 C5H12N2O2.HCl;C5H13ClN2O2
D-Ornithine monohydrochloride 16682-12-5 C5H12N2O2.HCl
L-Ornithine 2-oxoglutarate 5144-42-3 2(C5H12N2O2).C5H6O5
L-Ornithine 2-oxoglutarate 5191-97-9 C5H12N2O2.C5H6O5
L-Ornithine 2-oxopentanedioate 34414-83-0 C5H12N2O2.xC5H6O5
L-Ornithine sulfate (2:1) monohydrate 185423-58-9 2(C5H12N2O2).H2SO4.H2O
L-Ornithyl-L-ornithyl-L-ornithine 40681-82-1 C15H32N6O4
Orobanone 78916-35-5 C15H20O
Orobol 480-23-9 C15H10O6
Orotic acid 65-86-1 C5H4N2O4
Orotic acid lithium salt 5266-20-6 C5H3N2O4.Li
Orotic acid monohydrate 50887-69-9 C5H4N2O4.H2O
Orotic acid sodium salt 154-85-8 C5H3N2O4.Na
Orotic acid zinc salt dihydrate 68399-76-8 2(C5H3N2O4).Zn.2(H2O)
Oroxin A 57396-78-8 (31567-75-6) C21H20O10
Oroxin B 114482-86-9 C27H30O15
Oroxylin A 480-11-5 C16H12O5
Oroxylin A-7-O-beta-D-glucuronide 36948-76-2 C22H20O11
Orphanin FQ (pig) 170713-75-4 C79H129N27O22
Orphenadrine citrate 4682-36-4 C18H23NO.C6H8O7
Orphenadrine citrate 4596-23-0 C24H31NO8
2(or 3)-Phenyl-1-propanol 94481-45-5 C9H12O
Orris oil 8002-73-1
9(or 10)-(Sulfooxy)octadecanoic acid sodium salt 68331-91-9 C18H36O6S.x(Na)
Ortataxel 186348-23-2 C44H57NO17

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