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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P28)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
(R)-1-Phenylbutylamine 6150-01-2 C10H15N
((4-Phenylbutyl)hydroxyphosphoryl)acetic acid 83623-61-4 C12H17O4P
4-Phenylbutylphosphonic acid 46348-61-2 C10H15O3P
1-Phenyl-1-butyne 622-76-4 C10H10
2-Phenyl-3-butyn-2-ol 127-66-2 C10H10O
1-Phenyl-2-butyn-1-one 6710-62-9 C10H8O
4-Phenyl-3-butyn-2-one 1817-57-8 C10H8O
Phenyl butyrate 4346-18-3 C10H12O2
2-Phenylbutyric acid 90-27-7 C10H12O2
4-Phenylbutyric acid 1821-12-1 C10H12O2
3-Phenylbutyric acid 4593-90-2 C10H12O2
2-Phenylbutyronitrile 769-68-6 C10H11N
4-Phenylbutyrophenone 13211-01-3 C16H16O
4-Phenylbutyryl chloride 18496-54-3 C10H11ClO
2-Phenylbutyryl chloride 36854-57-6 C10H11ClO
2-Phenylbutyrylurea 90-49-3 C11H14N2O2
[6,6]-Phenyl C71 butyric acid methyl ester 609771-63-3 C82H14O2
2-Phenylcarbamoylacetic acid ethyl ester 53341-66-5 C11H13NO3
7-Phenylcarbamoylheptanoic acid 149648-52-2 C14H19NO3
9-Phenylcarbazole 1150-62-5 C18H13N
2-Phenyl-9H-carbazole 88590-00-5 C18H13N
3-Phenyl-9H-carbazole 103012-26-6 C18H13N
9-Phenylcarbazole-2-boronic acid 1001911-63-2 C18H14BNO2
9-Phenyl-9H-carbazole-3-boronic acid pinacol ester 1126522-69-7 C24H24BNO2
(9-Phenyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)boronic acid 854952-58-2 C18H14BNO2
N-[4-(9-Phenyl-9H-carbazol-3-yl)phenyl]-[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-amine 1160294-96-1 C36H26N2
N-Phenyl-2-chloroacetamide 587-65-5 C8H8ClNO
Phenyl 2-chloroacetate 620-73-5 C8H7ClO2
N-Phenyl-2-chloroaniline 1205-40-9 C12H10ClN
Phenyl chloroformate 1885-14-9 C7H5ClO2
Phenyl 4-chloro-1-hydroxy-2-naphthoate 36268-75-4 C17H11ClO3
1-Phenyl-3-chloro-1-propyn 3355-31-5 C9H7Cl
2-Phenyl-4-chloroquinazoline 6484-25-9 C14H9ClN2
2-Phenyl-6-chloroquinoline 60301-56-6 C15H10ClN
Phenyl chlorothionocarbonate 1005-56-7 C7H5ClOS
Phenyl [4-chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]carbamate 871555-75-8 C14H9ClF3NO2
(2R)-2-Phenyl-2H-chromene-3-carboxaldehyde 911107-22-7 C16H12O2
trans-4-Phenylcinnamic acid 88241-65-0 C15H12O2
4-Phenylcinnamic acid 13026-23-8 C15H12O2
3-Phenyl-7-coumarinyl isocyanate 55936-32-8 C16H9NO3
Phenyl N-(4-cyanophenyl)carbamate 71130-54-6 C14H10N2O2
Phenylcyclidine hydrochloride 956-90-1 C17H25N.HCl
2-Phenylcyclobutanamine 17293-44-6 C10H13N
1-Phenylcyclobutanecarbonitrile 14377-68-5 C11H11N
1-Phenylcyclobutanecarboximidamide 1260838-28-5 C11H14N2
1-Phenylcyclobutanecarboxylic acid 37828-19-6 C11H12O2
3-Phenylcyclobutanone 52784-31-3 C10H10O
1-Phenylcyclobutylamine 17380-77-7 C10H13N
1-Phenylcyclobutylamine hydrochloride 120218-45-3 C10H13N.HCl
alpha-Phenylcyclohexaneacetic acid 3894-09-5 C14H18O2

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