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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
2-Phenylimidazo[1,2-a]pyridine-3-carboxylic acid 123533-41-5 C14H10N2O2
2-Phenylimidazo[1,2-a]pyridine-3-carboxylic acid ethyl ester 119448-82-7 C16H14N2O2
3-Phenylindan-1-one 16618-72-7 C15H12O
2-Phenyl-1-indanone 16619-12-8 C15H12O
1-Phenylindene 1961-96-2 C15H12
2-Phenylindene 4505-48-0 C15H12
5-Phenylindeno[1,2-b]carbazol-11(5H)-one 1290039-69-8 C25H15NO
3-Phenyl-1H-indole 1504-16-1 C14H11N
2-Phenylindole 948-65-2 C14H11N
1-Phenylindole 16096-33-6 C14H11N
(N-Phenylindol-2-yl)dicyclohexylphosphine 740815-36-5 C26H32NP
1-Phenyl-4-iodopyrazole 23889-85-2 C9H7IN2
1-Phenylisatin 723-89-7 C14H9NO2
N-Phenyl-isobutyloylacetamide 124401-38-3 C12H15NO2
Phenyl isocyanate 103-71-9 C7H5NO
3-Phenylisonicotinic acid 104096-15-3 C12H9NO2
1-Phenylisoquinoline 3297-72-1 C15H11N
3-Phenylisoserine 6049-55-4 C9H11NO3
(2R,3S)-3-Phenylisoserine 136561-53-0 (55325-53-6) C9H11NO3
(2R,3S)-3-Phenylisoserine ethyl ester 143615-00-3 C11H15NO3
(2R,3S)-3-Phenylisoserine ethyl ester hydrochloride 257947-33-4 C11H15NO3.HCl
(2R,3S)-3-Phenylisoserine hydrochloride 132201-32-2 C9H11NO3.HCl
3-Phenyl-4-isothiazolecarbonitrile 13950-68-0 C10H6N2S
Phenyl isothiocyanate 103-72-0 C7H5NS
3-Phenyl-5-isoxazolamine 4369-55-5 C9H8N2O
5-Phenyl-3-isoxazolecarboxylic acid 14441-90-8 C10H7NO3
3-Phenyl-5(4H)-isoxazolone 1076-59-1 C9H7NO2
(3-Phenyl-5-isoxazolyl)methanol 90924-12-2 C10H9NO2
[(3-Phenylisoxazol-5-yl)methyl]amine 54408-35-4 C10H10N2O
D-(+)-Phenyllactic acid 7326-19-4 C9H10O3
L-(-)-3-Phenyllactic acid 20312-36-1 C9H10O3
DL-3-Phenyllactic acid 828-01-3 C9H10O3
Phenyllithium 591-51-5 C6H5Li
Phenylmagnesium bromide 100-58-3 C6H5BrMg
Phenylmagnesium chloride 100-59-4 C6H5ClMg
Phenylmaleic anhydride 36122-35-7 C10H6O3
N-Phenylmaleimide 941-69-5 C10H7NO2
Phenylmalonic acid 2613-89-0 C9H8O4
Phenyl methacrylate 2177-70-0 C10H10O2
N-Phenylmethanesulfonamide 1197-22-4 C7H9NO2S
Phenyl methanesulfonate 16156-59-5 C7H8O3S
N-[(Phenylmethoxy)acetyl]-L-phenylalanine 114457-96-4 C18H19NO4
(3beta)-3-(Phenylmethoxy)androst-5-en-17-one 189624-97-3 C26H34O2
3-Phenyl-4-methoxyaniline hydrochloride 92028-21-2 C13H13NO.HCl
4-(Phenylmethoxy)-1,3-benzenedicarboxylic acid 3-(phenylmethyl) ester 433736-14-2 C22H18O5
N-[(Phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-D-alanine 2,5-dioxo-1-pyrrolidinyl ester 27167-53-9 C15H16N2O6
N-[(Phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-alanine methyl ester 28819-05-8 C12H15NO4
N-[(Phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-beta-alanylglycine 58171-88-3 C13H16N2O5
N-[N-[(Phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-alanyl]-L-histidine 79458-92-7 C17H20N4O5
N-[(Phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-3-allyl-L-aspartic acid 1-tert-butyl ester 144787-23-5 C19H25NO6

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