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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P36)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
(-)-Phenylephrine hydrogentartrate 17162-39-9 C9H13NO2.C4H6O6
(1S)-1-Phenyl-1,2-ethanediamine 62779-70-8 C8H12N2
(1R)-1-Phenyl-1,2-ethanediamine 62779-69-5 C8H12N2
(S)-(+)-1-Phenyl-1,2-ethanediol 25779-13-9 C8H10O2
(R)-(-)-1-Phenyl-1,2-ethanediol 16355-00-3 C8H10O2
1-Phenyl-1,2-ethanediol 93-56-1 C8H10O2
(S)-(+)-1-Phenyl-1,2-ethanediol 2-tosylate 40435-14-1 C15H16O4S
(R)-(-)-1-Phenyl-1,2-ethanediol 2-tosylate 40434-87-5 C15H16O4S
N-Phenylethanethioamide 637-53-6 C8H9NS
2-Phenylethanethiol 4410-99-5 C8H10S
(S)-1-Phenylethanethiol 33877-11-1 C8H10S
(R)-1-Phenylethanethiol 33877-16-6 C8H10S
(R)-(+)-1-Phenylethanol 1517-69-7 C8H10O
(E)-Phenylethenylboronic acid pinacol ester 83947-56-2 C14H19BO2
4-(2-Phenylethenyl)phenol 1-acetate 93022-30-1 C16H14O2
2-(2-Phenylethenyl)-4-(3-pyridinylmethylene)-5(4H)-oxazolone 315694-89-4 C17H12N2O2
2-[(1E)-2-Phenylethenyl]-4,6(1H,5H)-pyrimidinedione 934355-24-5 C12H10N2O2
Phenyl ether 101-84-8 C12H10O
N-(2-Phenylethyl)acetamide 877-95-2 C10H13NO
(+)-N-(1-Phenylethyl)acetamide 36283-44-0 C10H13NO
N-(1-Phenylethyl)acetamide 36065-27-7 (6284-14-6) C10H13NO
2-Phenylethyl 2-(acetylamino)-2-deoxy-beta-D-glucopyranoside 197574-94-0 C16H23NO6
2-Phenylethyl acrylate 3530-36-7 C11H12O2
(R)-(+)-1-Phenylethylamine 3886-69-9 C8H11N
1-Phenylethylamine 98-84-0 C8H11N
L-1-Phenylethylamine 2627-86-3 C8H11N
2-Phenylethylamine hydrochloride 156-28-5 C8H11N.HCl
2-[(2-Phenylethyl)amino]benzoic acid 23049-93-6 C15H15NO2
[S-(R*,R*)]-3-[(1-Phenylethyl)amino]butanoic acid ethyl ester 61477-36-9 C14H21NO2
[R-(R*,S*)]-3-[(1-Phenylethyl)amino]butanoic acid ethyl ester 61477-37-0 C14H21NO2
(3R)-3-[[(1S)-1-Phenylethyl]amino]-1-butanol 60920-20-9 C12H19NO
(3S)-3-[[(1S)-1-Phenylethyl]amino]-1-butanol 61477-38-1 C12H19NO
N-(1-Phenylethyl)benzamide 3480-59-9 C15H15NO
1-Phenylethyl butyrate 3460-44-4 C12H16O2
2-Phenyl-2-ethylbutyric acid 5465-28-1 C12H16O2
2-Phenylethylchlorodimethylsilane 17146-08-6 C10H15ClSi
Phenyl 4-ethylcyclohexanecarboxylate 91988-52-2 C15H20O2
(11bS)-N-(1-Phenylethyl)-dinaphtho[2,1-d:1',2'-f][1,3,2]dioxaphosphepin-4-amine 422509-53-3 C28H22NO2P
2-Phenylethyl 2-furoate 7149-32-8 C13H12O3
Phenylethyl beta-D-galactopyranoside 14861-16-6 C14H20O6
(R)-1-Phenylethylhydroxylamine 67377-55-3 C8H11NO
(S)-1-Phenylethylhydroxylamine 53933-47-4 C8H11NO
N-(2-Phenylethyl)-4-hydroxypiperidine 3518-76-1 C13H19NO
4,4'-(1-Phenylethylidene) biphenol 1571-75-1 C20H18O2
(1-Phenylethylidene)hydrazinecarboxaldehyde 33036-39-4 C9H10N2O
1-((1R)-1-Phenylethyl)-1H-imidazole-5-carboxylic acid propan-2-yl ester 771422-77-6 C15H18N2O2
(S)-(-)-1-Phenylethyl isocyanate 14649-03-7 C9H9NO
(R)-(+)-1-Phenylethyl isocyanate 33375-06-3 C9H9NO
Phenylethylisocyanide 59795-89-0 C9H9N
Phenylethyl isothiocyanate 2257-09-2 C9H9NS

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