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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P48)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Phosmet 732-11-6 C11H12NO4PS2
Phosphamidone 13171-21-6 C10H19ClNO5P
Phosphatase acid 9001-77-8
Phosphatidylethanolamine 39382-08-6
Phosphine 7803-51-2 PH3
Phosphinic acid aluminum salt 7784-22-7 Al(H2PO2)3
3,3',3''-[Phosphinylidynetris(oxy)]tris[N-(3-aminopropyl)-2-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyl-1-propanaminium N,N',N''-tricocoyl derivs. trichlorides 83682-78-4
Phosphoenolpyruvic acid cyclohexylammonium salt 10526-80-4 C6H13N.C3H5O6P
Phospho(enol)pyruvic acid monopotassium salt 4265-07-0 C3H4KO6P
6-Phosphogluconic acid trisodium salt 53411-70-4 C6H10O10P.3Na
Phosphomolybdic acid hydrate 51429-74-4 12(MoO3).H3PO4.H2O
Phosphomycin calcium salt 26016-98-8 C3H5O4P.Ca
Phosphonic acid didodecyl ester 21302-09-0 C24H51O3P
Phosphonic acid potassium salt 13492-26-7 HO3P.2K
Phosphonic acid sodium salt 15475-67-9 H3O3P.xNa
Phosphonitrilic chloride trimer 940-71-6 Cl6N3P3
Phosphonitrilic fluoride trimer 15599-91-4 F6N3P3
Phosphonoacetic acid 4408-78-0 C2H5O5P
N-(Phosphonoamidino)-sarcosine 67-07-2 C4H10N3O5P
2-Phosphonobutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid 37971-36-1 C7H11O9P
2-Phosphonobutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid sodium salt 40372-66-5 C7H7Na4O9P
2-Phosphonobutyric acid triethyl ester 17145-91-4 C10H21O5P
Phosphonoformic acid trisodium salt hexahydrate 34156-56-4 CH12Na3O11P
(S)-9-(2-Phosphonomethoxypropyl)adenine 147127-19-3 C9H14N5O4P
Phosphonomycin (R)-1-phenethylamine salt 25383-07-7 C8H11N.C3H7O4P
2-(Phosphonooxy)-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid 2565-87-9 C6H9O10P
4-Phosphonophenylglycine 120667-15-4 C8H10NO5P
3-Phosphonopropionic acid 5962-42-5 C3H7O5P
Phosphopyruvate carboxylase 9067-77-0
Phosphoramidon 36357-77-4 C23H34N3O10P
Phosphoramidon disodium salt 119942-99-3 C23H32N3Na2O10P
Phosphorazidic acid bis(4-nitrophenyl) ester 51250-91-0 C12H8N5O7P
Phosphoric acid 7664-38-2 H3PO4
Phosphoric acid-d3 14335-33-2 D3PO4
Phosphoric acid ammonium sodium salt 13011-54-6 Na.(NH4).HPO4
Phosphoric acid butyl ester 12788-93-1 C4H10O.x(H3PO4)
Phosphoric acid diethyl ester 5-phenylisoxazol-3-yl ester 32306-29-9 C13H16NO5P
Phosphoric acid diethyl 4-nitrophenyl ester 311-45-5 C10H14NO6P
Phosphoric acid dimethyl ester 813-78-5 C2H7O4P
Phosphoric acid lanthanum salt cerium terbium-doped 95823-34-0
Phosphoric acid magnesium strontium salt tin-doped 68784-28-1
Phosphoric acid mono(ammonium-15N) salt 287488-11-3 NH4.H2PO4
Phosphoric acid triethylene imide 545-55-1 C6H12N3OP
Phosphoric acid tri(methyl-d3) ester 32176-12-8 C3D9O4P
Phosphoric acid trioctyl ester 1806-54-8 C24H51O4P
Phosphorochloridic acid dimethyl ester 813-77-4 C2H6ClO3P
Phosphorodithioic acid O,O-di-C1-14-alkyl esters zinc salts 68649-42-3
Phosphorothioic trichloride 3982-91-0 PSCl2
Phosphorous acid 10294-56-1 H3PO3
Phosphorous acid 13598-36-2 H3PO3

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