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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P63)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Phthaloyl amlodipine 88150-62-3 C28H27ClN2O7
Phthaloyl dichloride 88-95-9 C8H4Cl2O2
N-Phthaloyl-L-glutamic acid 340-90-9 C13H11NO6
N-Phthaloylglycine 4702-13-0 C10H7NO4
Phthaloyl-glycine hydroxysuccinimide ester 3397-29-3 C14H10N2O6
N-Phthaloyl-L-isoleucine 29588-88-3 C14H15NO4
N-Phthaloyl-L-phenylalanine 5123-55-7 C17H13NO4
N-Phthaloyl-L-tryptophan 48208-26-0 C19H14N2O4
Phthalylglycyl chloride 6780-38-7 C10H6ClNO3
Phthalylsulfathiazole 85-73-4 C17H13N3O5S2
PHV 42 111366-38-2 C202H325N53O64S
(-)-Phyllocladene 20070-61-5 C20H32
Phylloseptin L 2 (Hylomantis lemur) 1100546-22-2 C76H126N18O19
Phyllostadimer A 638203-32-4 C42H50O16
Phyllostine 27270-89-9 C7H6O4
Phyltetralin 123048-17-9 C24H32O6
Physalaemin 2507-24-6 C58H84N14O16S
Physalin L 113146-74-0 C28H32O10
Physcion 521-61-9 C16H12O5
Physcion-1-O-beta-D-Glucopyranoside 26296-54-8 C22H22O10
Phytase 37288-11-2
Phytic acid 83-86-3 C6H18O24P6
Phytic acid dodecasodium salt hydrate 123408-98-0 C6H6Na12O24P6.H2O
Phytohemagglutinins 9008-97-3
Phytol 150-86-7 C20H40O
Phytolaccagenic acid 54928-05-1 C31H48O6
Phytolaccagenine 1802-12-6 C31H48O7
Phytolaccasaponin B 66656-92-6 C48H76O21
Phytone 502-69-2 C18H36O
Phytosol 327-98-0 C10H12Cl3O2PS
PI 103 371935-74-9 C19H16N4O3
Piberaline 39640-15-8 C17H19N3O
Piboserod 152811-62-6 C22H31N3O2
Piboserod hydrochloride 178273-87-5 C22H31N3O2.HCl
Pibrentasvir 1353900-92-1 C57H65F5N10O8
cis-Piceatannol 106325-86-4 C14H12O4
trans-Piceatannol 10083-24-6 C14H12O4
1H-Piceno[12b,13-b]oxirene 428-83-1 C22H14O
Picfeltarraegenin X 1391826-61-1 C36H54O11
Picfeltarraenin IA 97230-47-2 C41H62O13
Picfeltarraenin IB 97230-46-1 C42H64O14
Picfeltarraenin IV 184288-35-5 C47H72O18
Piclamilast 144035-83-6 C18H18Cl2N2O3
Picloram 1918-02-1 C6H3Cl3N2O2
3-Picoline 108-99-6 C6H7N
2-Picoline 109-06-8 C6H7N
4-Picoline-N-oxide 1003-67-4 C6H7NO
2-Picoline-N-oxide 931-19-1 C6H7NO
3-Picoline-N-oxide 1003-73-2 C6H7NO
Picolinic acid 98-98-6 C6H5NO2

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