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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P70)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Piperazine-N,N'-bis(2-hydroxypropanesulphonic acid) disodium salt 108321-07-9 C10H20N2Na2O8S2
1-Piperazinecarbaldehyde 7755-92-2 C5H10N2O
(2S)-2-Piperazinecarbonitrile 1212303-37-1 C5H9N3
(2R)-2-Piperazinecarbonitrile 1217839-54-7 C5H9N3
2-Piperazinecarbonitrile 187589-36-2 C5H9N3
2-Piperazinecarbonitrile dihydrochloride 187589-35-1 C5H9N3.2(HCl)
2-Piperazinecarboxamide 84501-64-4 C5H11N3O
Piperazine-1-carboxamidine hemisulfate 22365-47-5 2(C5H12N4).H2SO4
Piperazine-1-carboximidamide 45695-84-9 C5H12N4
(2R)-Piperazine-2-carboxylic acid 24182-11-4 C5H10N2O2
(S)-Piperazine-2-carboxylic acid 147650-70-2 C5H10N2O2
(R)-Piperazine-2-carboxylic acid 31321-68-3 C5H10N2O2
2-Piperazinecarboxylic acid 2762-32-5 C5H10N2O2
(S)-Piperazine-2-carboxylic acid dihydrochloride 158663-69-5 C5H10N2O2.2HCl
(R)-(+)-2-Piperazinecarboxylic acid dihydrochloride 126330-90-3 C5H10N2O2.2(HCl)
Piperazine-2-carboxylic acid dihydrochloride 3022-15-9 (133525-05-0) C5H10N2O2.2(HCl)
Piperazine-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester dihydrochloride 122323-88-0 C6H12N2O2.2(HCl)
1-Piperazinecarboxylic acid tert-butyl ester ethanedioate 57260-72-7 C9H18N2O2.C2H2O4
Piperazine citrate 144-29-6 2(C6H8O7).3(C4H10N2)
Piperazine citrate hydrate 41372-10-5 2(C6H8O7).3(C4H10N2).H2O
Piperazine, compd. with 5-oxoproline (1:1) 85153-78-2 C5H7NO3.C4H10N2
1,2-Piperazinedicarboxylic acid 1-(1,1-dimethylethyl) ester 1214196-85-6 C10H18N2O4
(3S)-1,3-Piperazinedicarboxylic acid 1-(1,1-dimethylethyl) 3-methyl ester hydrochloride (1:1) 1217702-80-1 C11H20N2O4.HCl
(2S)-1,2-Piperazinedicarboxylic acid 1-(9H-fluoren-9-ylmethyl) ester 915749-50-7 C20H20N2O4
(3S)-1,3-Piperazinedicarboxylic acid 3-methyl 1-(phenylmethyl) ester 225517-81-7 C14H18N2O4
(3R)-1,3-Piperazinedicarboxylic acid 3-methyl 1-(phenylmethyl) ester 405175-79-3 C14H18N2O4
(2S)-1,2-Piperazinedicarboxylic acid 2-methyl 1-(phenylmethyl) ester 314741-63-4 C14H18N2O4
(3R)-1,3-Piperazinedicarboxylic acid 1-(phenylmethyl) ester 276695-09-1 C13H16N2O4
Piperazine-1,4-diethylamine 6531-38-0 C8H20N4
Piperazine-2,6-dione 4774-22-5 C4H6N2O2
1,4-Piperazinedipropanesulfonic acid 5625-56-9 C10H22N2O6S2
4,4'-(1,4-Piperazinediyl)bis[7-chloroquinoline] 31502-87-1 C22H18Cl2N4
2,2'-(1,4-Piperazinediyl)bis[6,7-dimethoxy-4-quinazolinamine] 102839-00-9 C24H28N8O4
2,2'-(1,4-Piperazinediyl)bis[6,7-dimethoxy-4-quinazolinamine] hydrochloride 104965-50-6 C24H28N8O4.x(HCl)
10,10'-[1,4-Piperazinediylbis(trimethylene)]diphenothiazine 103331-66-4 C34H36N4S2
alpha,alpha'-(1,4-Piperazinediyldi-2,1-ethanediyl)bis[omega-hydroxypoly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl)] homopolymer hydrochloride compd. with chloromethane 71550-10-2
(2S,2'S)-N,N'-(1,4-Piperazinediyldi-3,1-propanediyl)bis[2-amino-5-[(aminoiminomethyl)amino]pentanamide] 1438492-26-2 C22H48N12O2
1-Piperazineethanamine monoisooctadecanoate 93920-25-3 C18H36O2.C6H15N3
(2R)-2-Piperazineethanol 660862-46-4 C6H14N2O
(2S)-2-Piperazineethanol 660862-47-5 C6H14N2O
Piperazine ferulate 171876-65-6 C10H10O4.C4H10N2
Piperazine hydrate 142-63-2 C4H10N2.6(H2O)
Piperazine hydrogen phosphate monohydrate 18534-18-4 C4H10N2.H3PO4.H2O
Piperazine hydrogen phosphate monohydrate 1951-97-9 C4H10N2.H3PO4.H2O
(S)-2-Piperazinemethanol 126872-94-4 C5H12N2O
(R)-2-Piperazinemethanol 149715-47-9 C5H12N2O
(S)-2-Piperazinemethanol dihydrochloride 149629-73-2 C5H12N2O.2(HCl)
2-Piperazinemethanol dihydrochloride 122323-87-9 C5H12N2O.2(HCl)
(2R)-2-Piperazinemethanol hydrochloride (1:2) 1217482-26-2 C5H12N2O.2(HCl)
Piperazine-1-methylamine 18190-85-7 C5H13N3

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