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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P76)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Potassium thioacetate 10387-40-3 C2H3KOS
Potassium thiocyanate 333-20-0 KCNS
Potassium thioglycolate 34452-51-2 C2H3O2S.K
Potassium thiosulfate 10294-66-3 K2S2O3
Potassium titanate 12030-97-6 K2TiO3
Potassium titanium oxalate 14481-26-6 K2TiO.(C2O4)2
Potassium trichloroammineplatinate (II) 13820-91-2 H2Cl3KNPt
Potassium tricyanomethanide 34171-69-2 C4KN3
Potassium trifluoro[(piperidin-1-yl)methyl]borate 888711-54-4 C6H12BF3N.K
Potassium trifluoro[(pyrrolidin-1-yl)methyl]borate 888711-53-3 C5H10BF3N.K
Potassium trifluoroacetate 2923-16-2 C2F3KO2
Potassium trifluoro(2-fluoro-5-formylphenyl)borate 1012868-70-0 C7H4BF4O.K
Potassium trifluoro(iodomethyl)borate 888711-47-5 CH2BF3I.K
Potassium trifluoromethanesulfonate 2926-27-4 CF3KO3S
Potassium trifluoromethylborate 13862-28-7 CH3BF3.K
Potassium trifluoro((4-methylpiperazin-1-yl)methyl)borate 1015484-22-6 C6H13BF3N2.K
Potassium trifluoro(5-(methylthio)pyrimidin-2-yl)borate 1245906-73-3 C5H5BF3N2S.K
Potassium trifluoro(4-morpholinylmethyl)borate 936329-94-1 C5H10BF3NO.K
Potassium (E)-trifluoro(1-propenyl)borate 804565-39-7 C3H5BF3.K
Potassium triisopropoxyborohydride 42278-67-1 C9H22BO3.K
Potassium 2,3,3-trimethyl-3H-indole-5-sulfonate 184351-56-2 C11H12KNO3S
Potassium trimethylsilanolate 10519-96-7 C3H9KOSi
Potassium tris(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)methide 114395-69-6 C4F9O6S3.K
Potassium tungstate 7790-60-5 K2WO4
Potassium vinyltrifluoroborate 13682-77-4 C2H3BF3K
Povidone iodine 25655-41-8 C6H9I2NO
Powdered silk 9009-99-8
PP 121 1092788-83-4 C17H17N7
PP 242 1092351-67-1 C16H16N6O
pp60 c-src (521-533) (phosphorylated) 149299-77-4 C62H95N16O28P
PQ 401 196868-63-0 C18H16ClN3O2
PR 957 960374-59-8 C31H40N4O7
Pracinostat 929016-96-6 C20H30N4O2
Pradaxa 872728-81-9 C34H41N7O5.CH4O3S
Pradefovir 625095-60-5 C17H19ClN5O4P
Pradigastat 956136-95-1 C25H24F3N3O2
Praeroside II 86940-46-7 C20H24O10
(-)-Praeruptorin A 14017-71-1 C21H22O7
Praeruptorin A 73069-27-9 C21H22O7
Praeruptorin A 73069-25-7 C21H22O7
Praeruptorin B 73069-28-0 C24H26O7
Praeruptorin B 81740-07-0 C24H26O7
Praeruptorin E 72463-77-5 (83382-71-2) C24H28O7
Praeruptorin E 78478-28-1 C24H28O7
Pralidoxime iodide 94-63-3 C7H9N2O.I
D-Prallethrin 103065-19-6 C19H24O3
Prallethrin 23031-36-9 C19H24O3
Pralmorelin 158861-67-7 C42H50N8O5
Pramipexole 191217-81-9 C10H17N3S.2(HCl).H2O
(R)-Pramipexole 104632-28-2 C10H17N3S

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