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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Propionic acid 79-09-4 C3H6O2
Propionic anhydride 123-62-6 C6H10O3
Propionitrile 107-12-0 C3H5N
(4'-Propionyl)acetanilide 16960-49-9 C11H13NO2
2-(Propionylamino)benzoic acid 19165-26-5 C10H11NO3
3-Propionyl-2-benzoxazolinone 33388-19-1 C10H9NO3
Propionyl bromide 598-22-1 C3H5BrO
Propionyl-L-carnitine chloride glycinate 423152-20-9 C10H20NO4.C2H5NO2.Cl
Propionyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride 119793-66-7 C10H20ClNO4
Propionyl chloride 79-03-8 C3H5ClO
2-Propionylfuran 3194-15-8 C7H8O2
4-(Propionyl)phenylboronic acid 186498-36-2 C9H11BO3
4-Propionylpyridine 1701-69-5 C8H9NO
2-Propionylpyridine 3238-55-9 C8H9NO
Propionylshikonin 162283-70-7 C19H20O6
2-Propionylthiazole 43039-98-1 C6H7NOS
2-Propionyl-2-thiazoline 29926-42-9 C6H9NOS
Propiophenone 93-55-0 C9H10O
Propiothetin 20986-22-5 C5H11O2S.Br
Propisochlor 86763-47-5 C15H22ClNO2
Propiverine 60569-19-9 C23H29NO3
Propiverine hydrochloride 54556-98-8 C23H29NO3.HCl
Propofol 2078-54-8 C12H18O
Propolis 9009-62-5
Propoxur 114-26-1 C11H15NO3
Propoxyacetic acid 54497-00-6 C5H10O3
4-Propoxyaniline 4469-80-1 C9H13NO
3-Propoxyazetidine hydrochloride 897019-55-5 C6H13NO.HCl
2-Propoxybenzaldehyde 2893-49-4 C10H12O2
Propoxybenzene 622-85-5 C9H12O
4-Propoxybenzoic acid 5438-19-7 C10H12O3
2-Propoxybenzoic acid 2100-31-4 C10H12O3
4-Propoxy-[1,1'-biphenyl]-4'-carbonitrile 52709-86-1 C16H15NO
4-Propoxybromobenzene 39969-56-7 C9H11BrO
3-(Propoxycarbonyl)phenylboronic acid 850568-78-4 C10H13BO4
2-Propoxy-5-chlorothiophenol 905807-42-3 C9H11ClOS
4-Propoxycinnamic acid 69033-81-4 C12H14O3
4-Propoxy-1,2-diaminobenzene 56190-17-1 C9H14N2O
[2-(1-Propoxyethoxy)ethyl]benzene 7493-57-4 C13H20O2
2-Propoxyethylamine 42185-03-5 C5H13NO
Propoxyethylene 764-47-6 C5H10O
Propoxylated Bisphenol A 37353-75-6 C15H16O2.(C3H6O)n
Propoxylated glycerin 25791-96-2 C3H8O3.(C3H6O)n
4-Propoxylmandelic acid 79694-16-9 C11H14O4
4-Propoxy-3-nitrobenzoic acid 35288-44-9 C10H11NO5
4-Propoxyphenol 18979-50-5 C9H12O2
2-Propoxyphenol 6280-96-2 C9H12O2
3-Propoxyphenylboronic acid 149557-18-6 C9H13BO3
4-Propoxyphenylboronic acid 186497-67-6 C9H13BO3
4-Propoxyphenyl 4-trans-(4-pentylcyclohexyl)benzoate 84600-99-7 C27H36O3

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