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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P76)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Pitavastatin lactone 141750-63-2 C25H22FNO3
Pitavastatin sodium 574705-92-3 C25H23FNO4.Na
Pitch 61789-60-4
Pitofenone 54063-52-4 C22H25NO4
Pitolisant 362665-56-3 C17H26ClNO
Pitolisant ethanedioate (1:1) 362665-57-4 C17H26ClNO.C2H2O4
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide 137061-48-4
Pivagabine 69542-93-4 C9H17NO3
Pivalaldehyde oxime 637-91-2 C5H11NO
4-Pivalamidophenylboronic acid 182344-22-5 C11H16BNO3
Pivaldehyde 630-19-3 C5H10O
Pivalic acid 75-98-9 C5H10O2
Pivaloylacetonitrile 59997-51-2 C7H11NO
2-(Pivaloylamino)pyridine 86847-59-8 C10H14N2O
N-Pivaloylaniline 6625-74-7 C11H15NO
Pivaloyl chloride 3282-30-2 C5H9ClO
Pivmecillinam hydrochloride 32887-03-9 C21H33N3O5S.HCl
Pixantrone 144510-96-3 C17H19N5O2
Pixantrone dimaleate 144675-97-8 C17H19N5O2.2(C4H4O4)
Pizotifen 15574-96-6 C19H21NS
Pizotifen malate 5189-11-7 C19H21NS.C4H6O5
PJ 34 hydrochloride 344458-15-7 C17H17N3O2.HCl
PKI 402 1173204-81-3 C29H34N10O3
PL 100 612547-11-2 C33H44N4O6S
Planchol E 1346137-02-7 C14H12O7
Plantago psyllium ext. 84961-55-7
Plantagoside 78708-33-5 C21H22O12
Plantamajoside 104777-68-6 C29H36O16
Plasmin 9001-90-5
Platinum 7440-06-4 Pt
Platinum bis(acetylacetonate) 15170-57-7 C10H14O4Pt
Platinum bromide 13455-12-4 PtBr2
Platinum dichloride 10025-65-7 PtCl2
Platinum dioxide 1314-15-4 PtO2
Platinum dioxide monohydrate 12137-21-2 PtO2.H2O
Platinum(0)-1,3-divinyl-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane 68478-92-2 C8H18OPtSi2
Platinum nitrate 18496-40-7 Pt(NO3)2
Platinum octaethylporphyrin 31248-39-2 C36H44N4Pt
Platinum(IV) oxide 52785-06-5 PtO2
Platinum tetrachloride 13454-96-1 PtCl4
Platinum tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)porphyrin 109781-47-7 C44H8F20N4Pt
Platinum tetrammine hydrogencarbonate 123439-82-7 (NH3)4.PtC2H2O6
Platycodigenin 22327-82-8 C30H48O7
Platycodin D 58479-68-8 C57H92O28
Platycodin D2 66663-90-9 C63H102O33
Platyconic acid A 68051-23-0 C57H90O29
Platyphyllenone 56973-65-0 C19H20O3
Platyphyllonol 41137-85-3 C19H22O4
Pleconaril 153168-05-9 C18H18F3N3O3
Plenact AL-M 80481-35-2 C28H53AlO5

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