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List of Chemical Product Names (Page S23)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Sodium orthovanadate 13721-39-6 Na3VO4
Sodium oxalate 62-76-0 Na2C2O4
Sodium oxamate 565-73-1 C2H2NNaO3
Sodium 5-oxo-1-(4-sulfophenyl)-4H-pyrazole-3-carboxylate 52126-51-9 C10H7N2NaO6S
Sodium 1-palmitoyl-L-prolinate 58725-33-0 C21H38NNaO3
Sodium N-palmitoyl-L-serinate 58725-46-5 C19H36NNaO4
Sodium pamoate 6640-22-8 C23H14Na2O6
Sodium D-pantothenate 867-81-2 C9H16NNaO5
Sodium pentachlorophenolate 131-52-2 C6Cl5NaO
Sodium pentafluorobenzoate 4830-57-3 C7F5O2.Na
Sodium pentafluoropropionate 378-77-8 C3F5NaO2
Sodium pentanesulfonate 22767-49-3 C5H11NaO3S
Sodium 4-pentynoate 101917-30-0 C5H5O2.Na
Sodium perborate 7632-04-4 NaBO3.4(H2O)
Sodium perborate monohydrate 10332-33-9 NaBO3.H2O
Sodium perborate tetrahydrate 10486-00-7 NaBO3.4(H2O)
Sodium percarbonate 15630-89-4 Na2CO3.1,5(H2O2)
Sodium perchlorate 7601-89-0 NaClO4
Sodium perfluoroheptanoate 20109-59-5 C7F13O2.Na
Sodium perfluorohexanoate 2923-26-4 C6HF11O2.Na
Sodium perfluorovalerate 2706-89-0 C5F9O2.Na
Sodium periodate 7790-28-5 NaIO4
Sodium peroxide 1313-60-6 Na2O2
Sodium persulfate 7775-27-1 Na2S2O8
Sodium phenoxyacetate 3598-16-1 C8H7O3Na
Sodium phenylacetate 114-70-5 C8H7NaO2
Sodium 4-phenylbutyrate 1716-12-7 C10H11NaO2
Sodium 2-phenylindole-5-sulfonate 119205-39-9 C14H10NNaO3S
Sodium phenylphosphinate 4297-95-4 C6H6NaO2P
Sodium phenylpyruvate 114-76-1 C9H7NaO3
Sodium phenylpyruvate monohydrate 122049-54-1 C9H7NaO3.H2O
Sodium [[3,3',3''-(phosphinidyne)tris[benzenesulfonato]]]-palladate 1010733-93-3 C18H12O9PPdS3.3Na
Sodium 3-phosphoglycerate 17603-42-8 C3H7Na2O6P
Sodium phosphomolybdate 1313-30-0 Mo12O40P.3Na
Sodium phytate 14306-25-3 C6H6Na12O24P6
Sodium picosulfate 10040-45-6 C18H13NNa2O8S2.H2O
Sodium picramate 831-52-7 C6H4N3NaO5
Sodium pivalate 1184-88-9 C5H9O2.Na
Sodium polyacrylate 9003-04-7 (C3H3NaO2)n
Sodium polymethacrylate 54193-36-1 (C4H5NaO2)n
Sodium poly[(naphthaleneformaldehyde)sulfonate] 9084-06-4 (C11H7O4SNa)n
Sodium polysulfide 1344-08-7 Na2(S)x
Sodium prasterone sulfate 1099-87-2 C19H27NaO5S
Sodium 1-propanesulfonate 14533-63-2 C3H7NaO3S
Sodium propan-2-olate 683-60-3 C3H7NaO
Sodium propanolate 6819-41-6 C3H7NaO
Sodium 4-propan-2-ylbenzenesulfonate 32073-22-6 C9H11NaO3S
Sodium propionate 137-40-6 C3H5NaO2
Sodium propylparaben 35285-69-9 C10H11NaO3
Sodium 2-propylpentanoate 1069-66-5 C8H15NaO2

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