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List of Chemical Product Names (Page S9)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Sennosides 517-43-1 C42H38O20
Sensitizer 13933-31-8 Pd.(NH3)4.Cl2
Seocalcitol 134404-52-7 C30H46O3
Sepinol 72061-63-3 C16H14O7
Seprilose 133692-55-4 C16H30O6
Sequirin C 18194-29-1 C28H42O17
Sequosempervirin B 864719-17-5 C18H20O5
Sequosempervirin D 864719-19-7 C21H24O5
Sequoyitol 523-92-2 C7H14O6
Seractide 12279-41-3 C207H308N56O58S
Seratrodast 112665-43-7 C22H26O4
Seravschanin 77331-76-1 C20H22O7
(D-Ser6,Azagly10)-LHRH 65807-03-6 C55H76N18O14
Sergliflozin etabonate 408504-26-7 C23H28O9
L-Serinamide hydrochloride 65414-74-6 C3H8N2O2.HCl
L-Serine 56-45-1 C3H7NO3
DL-Serine 302-84-1 C3H7NO3
D-Serine 312-84-5 C3H7NO3
L-Serine-15N 59935-32-9 C3H7NO3
1-L-Serine-3-L-asparagine-25-L-aspartic acid-35-L-glutamic acid-alpha-calcitonin gene-related peptide (human reduced) 96827-03-1 C162H264N50O52S2
D-Serine benzyl ester hydrochloride 151651-44-4 C10H13NO3.HCl
L-Serine benzyl ester hydrochloride 60022-62-0 C10H14ClNO3
D-Serine ethyl ester hydrochloride 104055-46-1 C5H11NO3.HCl
DL-Serine ethyl ester hydrochloride 3940-27-0 C5H11NO3.HCl
L-Serine hydrochloride 16428-75-4 C3H7NO3.HCl
L-Serine methyl ester 2788-84-3 C4H9NO3
D-Serine methyl ester hydrochloride 5874-57-7 C4H10ClNO3
L-Serine methyl ester hydrochloride 5680-80-8 C4H9NO3.HCl
L-Serine phenylmethyl ester 1738-72-3 C10H13NO3
DL-Serinohydrazide monohydrochloride 55819-71-1 C3H9N3O2.ClH
Serinol hydrochloride 73708-65-3 C3H9NO2.HCl
Sermorelin 86168-78-7 C149H246N44O42S
Sermorelin acetate 114466-38-5 C149H246N44O42S.C2H4O2
Serotonin creatinine sulphate 971-74-4 C10H12N2O.C4H7N3O.H2SO4
Serotonin hydrochloride 153-98-0 C10H12N2O.HCl
Serpentine 18786-24-8 C21H21N2O3
Serpentinic acid 605-14-1 C20H18N2O3
Serpentinine 36519-42-3 C42H44N4O5
Serrapeptase 95077-02-4
Serratenediol 2239-24-9 C30H50O2
Serratenediol diacetate 27832-84-4 C34H54O4
Serratiopeptidase 37312-62-2
Serratol 67814-27-1 C20H34O
Serratriol 13956-52-0 C30H50O3
Sertaconazole nitrate 99592-39-9 C20H15Cl3N2OS.HNO3
Sertaconazole nitrate 99592-32-2 C20H15Cl3N2OS.HNO3
Sertindole 106516-24-9 C24H26ClFN4O
Sertraline 79617-96-2 C17H17Cl2N
Sertraline hydrochloride 79617-99-5 C17H18Cl3N
Sertraline hydrochloride 79559-97-0 C17H17Cl2N.HCl

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