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List of Chemical Product Names (Page T73)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
2-Thiopheneglyoxylic acid 4075-59-6 C6H4O3S
3-Thiophenemalonic acid 21080-92-2 C7H6O4S
2-Thiophenemethanol 636-72-6 C5H6OS
2-Thiophenemethylamine 27757-85-3 C5H7NS
2-Thiophenepropanol 19498-72-7 C7H10OS
Thiophene-2-sulfonamide 6339-87-3 C4H5NO2S2
2-Thiophenesulfonic acid 79-84-5 C4H4O3S2
3-Thiophenesulfonyl chloride 51175-71-4 C4H3ClO2S2
2-Thiophenesulfonyl chloride 16629-19-9 C4H3ClO2S2
Thiophenethiol 7774-74-5 C4H4S2
3-Thiophenezoic acid 88-13-1 C5H4O2S
Thiophenol 108-98-5 C6H6S
3-(2-Thiophen-2-ylacetylamino)benzoic acid 206983-05-3 C13H11NO3S
3-Thiophen-3-ylbenzaldehyde 129746-42-5 C11H8OS
2-(Thiophen-3-yl)ethanamine 59311-67-0 C6H9NS
1-Thiophen-2-ylethanol 78002-44-5 C6H7OS
(Thiophen-2-yl)magnesium bromide 5713-61-1 C4H3BrMgS
2-[(Thiophen-2-yl)methyl]malonic acid 4475-24-5 C8H8O4S
2-(2-Thiophenylmethyl)thiophene 4341-34-8 C9H8S2
2-(Thiophen-3-yl)phenylamine 96919-49-2 C10H9NS
4-Thiophenyl phenyl diphenyl sulfonium hexafluoroantimonate 71449-78-0 C24H19S2.SbF6
3-(Thiophen-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxaldehyde 26033-27-2 C8H6N2OS
5-(Thiophen-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid ethyl ester 121195-03-7 C10H10N2O2S
2-Thiophen-3-ylpyrrolidine 298690-85-4 C8H11NS
2-(Thiophen-2-yl)quinoline-4-carboxylic acid 31792-47-9 C14H9NO2S
Thiophosgene 463-71-8 CCl2S
Thiopivalic acid 55561-02-9 C5H10OS
L-Thioproline 34592-47-7 C4H7NO2S
Thioproperazine dimesylate 2347-80-0 C22H30N4O2S2.2(CH4O3S)
Thioproperazine 316-81-4 C22H30N4O2S2
Thiopropionamide 631-58-3 C3H7NS
2H-Thiopyran-3,5(4H,6H)-dione 6881-49-8 C5H6O2S
Thioridazine 50-52-2 C21H26N2S2
Thioridazine hydrochloride 130-61-0 C21H26N2S2.HCl
2-Thiosalicylaldehyde 29199-11-9 C7H6OS
Thiosalicylic acid 147-93-3 C7H6O2S
Thiosemicarbazide hydrochloride 4346-94-5 CH5N3S.HCl
Thiostrepton 1393-48-2 C72H85N19O18S5
Thiosulfan 115-29-7 C9H6Cl6O3S
Thiosulfuric acid magnesium salt hexahydrate 13446-30-5 MgS2O3.6(H2O)
Thiosultap sodium 52207-48-4 C5H14NNaO7S4
Thiotepp 3689-24-5 C8H20O5P2S2
Thiothiamine 299-35-4 C12H16N4OS2
4-Thiothymidine 7236-57-9 C10H14N2O4S
DL-Thiotryptophan 1956-23-6 C11H11NO2S
2-Thiouracil 141-90-2 C4H4N2OS
4-Thiouracil 591-28-6 C4H4N2OS
Thiourea 62-56-6 CH4N2S
Thiourea dioxide 1758-73-2 (4189-44-0) CH4N2O2S
4-Thiouridine 13957-31-8 C9H12N2O5S

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