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List of Chemical Product Names (Page Y2)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Yttrium fluoride 13709-49-4 YF3
Yttrium isopropoxide oxide 118458-20-1 C39H91O14Y5
Yttrium neodecanoate 68683-17-0 Y(C10H19O2)3
Yttrium nitride 25764-13-0 YN
Yttrium orthophosphate 13990-54-0 YPO4
Yttrium oxalate tetrahydrate 867-68-5 Y2.(C2O4)3.4(H2O)
Yttrium oxide 1314-36-9 Y2O3
Yttrium oxide europium-doped 68585-82-0
Yttrium oxide ytterbium-doped 68585-83-1
Yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide fibers 308076-80-4
Yttrium sulfate octahydrate 7446-33-5 Y2(SO4)3.8(H2O)
Yttrium tribromide 13469-98-2 YBr3
Yttrium trichloride hexahydrate 10025-94-2 YCl3.6(H2O)
Yttrium trifluoroacetate 37737-28-3 Y(C2F3O2)3
Yttrium(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate 52093-30-8 C3F9O9S3Y
Yttrium triiodide 13470-38-7 YI3
Yttrium trinitrate hexahydrate 13494-98-9 Y(NO3)3.6(H2O)
Yttrium tris(dipivaloylmethane) 15632-39-0 C33H57O6Y
Yuanhuacium ester A 60195-70-2 C37H44O10
Yubeinine 157478-01-8 C27H43NO3
Yucalexin P 17 119642-82-9 C20H30O3
Yucca glauca, ext. 223749-02-8
Yuheinoside 72396-01-1 C16H24O9
Yunaconitine 70578-24-4 C35H49NO11
Yunnancoronarin A 162762-93-8 C20H28O2
Yunnandaphninine G 1042143-83-8 C30H47NO3
Yunnanxane 139713-81-8 C31H46O9
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