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Amino acids and their derivatives

Amino acids and their derivatives are fundamental constituents of proteins and essential molecules in metabolism. They have a significant impact on medical treatments, from managing inherited metabolic disorders to supporting muscle growth and function.

Sub-categories of Amino acids and their derivatives
Arginine derivatives Asparagine derivatives Aspartic acid derivative Cysteine derivative
Glutamine derivative Glutamic acid derivative Glycine derivatives Histidine derivative
Isoleucine derivative Leucine derivative Lysine derivative Methionine derivatives
Phenylalanine derivatives Proline derivatives Serine derivative Threonine derivative
Tryptophan derivatives Tyrosine derivatives Valine derivatives Alanine derivatives
BOC-amino acid Cbz-amino acid FMOC-amino acid Alpha--amino acid
Other protected amino acids Amino alcohol derivative Amino acid salt Ester amino acid
Other amino acid derivatives Natural amino acids and their derivatives

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