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Chemical classification is essential in the world of chemistry. Chemistry deals with countless compounds, and classification systems group them based on properties, structures, and functions, aiding research and organization. Proper classification helps identify and communicate chemical hazards, ensuring the safety of workers, consumers, and the environment. Categories facilitate research by grouping similar compounds, aiding in the discovery of new materials and pharmaceuticals. Governments use chemical classification to establish rules for the handling and disposal of hazardous substances. The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is widely adopted globally, standardizing chemical classification and labeling practices. Machine learning and AI assist in more efficient compound prediction and classification. ChemBlink provides the following 15 categories for its chemicals to help visitors navigate the world of chemistry.

Organic raw materials API Biochemical Food additive
Amino compound Respiratory medication Common amino acids and protein drugs Film agent
Alcohols, phenols, phenolic compounds and derivatives Hormone and endocrine-regulating drugs Nucleic acid drug Preservative
Nitrogen-containing compound Antipyretic analgesics Enzymes and coenzymes Color protection agent
Nitrile compound Antiallergic Inhibitor Gum base
Organic derivative of hydrazine or hydrazine Antiparasitic drug Biological response modifier Anti-caking agent
Quinones Antibiotics Fatty drug Antioxidants
Ether compounds and their derivatives Antineoplastic agents Amino acids and their derivatives Enzyme
Aldehyde Anesthetic agents Carbohydrate Flour treatment agent
Carboxylic compounds and derivatives Urinary system medication Biochemical reagent Leavening agent
Hydrocarbon compounds and their derivatives Other chemicals Nucleoside drugs Bleach
Ketone compound Synthetic anti-infective drugs Condensing agent Other food additives
Alkyl ureas and their derivatives and salts Nervous system medication Peptide Emulsifier
Inorganic acid ester Water, electrolyte and acid-base balance regulator Natural product Food spice
Heterocyclic compound Vitamins and minerals Plant extracts Moisture retention agent
Diazo, azo or azo compound Digestive system medication Chinese herbal medicine ingredients Acidity regulator
Organosilicon compound Blood system medication Microbiological reagent Sweetener
Organometallic compound Circulatory system medication Protein research Stabilizing and coagulating agent
Organic sulfur compound Diagnostic medication Antibody Defoamer
Organic phosphine compound Special medicine Nutrition supplements
Organometallic salt Drugs that affect tissue metabolism Thickener
Organic fluorine compound Feed drug additive Flavor enhancer
Anti-stress drug Colorant
Immune function drug
Veterinary drug raw materials
Natural product Catalysts and additives Inorganic chemical industry Chemical reagent
Lignans Antioxidant Simple substance Deuterated reagent
Xanthone UV absorber Industrial gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen Organic reagent
Flavonoids Anti-aging agent Inorganic base Silane reagent
Terpenes Polyethylene glycol derivative Inorganic acid Chiral chemical reagent
Iridoid derivative Fluorescent whitening agent Inorganic salt Grignard reagent
Coumarin Plastic rubber additive Fluorine reagent
Phenols Polymer
Steroidal compound Precious metal catalyst
Phenylpropanoid Coupling agent
Anthraquinone Molecular sieve
Chalcone Flame retardant
Alkaloid Petrochemical
Surfactant Pharmaceutical intermediate Chemical pesticide Biological
Industrial surfactant Heterocyclic compound Herbicide Gene
Nonionic surfactant API intermediate Insecticide Reagent service
Zwitterionic surfactant OLED material intermediate Fungicide Proteins and peptides
Cationic surfactant Diphenylamine intermediate Plant growth regulator Cell culture
Anionic surfactant Insecticide intermediate
Antistatic agent
Dyes and pigments Flavors and spices Analytical chemistry
Dyes Synthetic spice Standard
Pigment Natural spice Analytical reagent
Food safety
Liquid chromatography

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