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Film agent

Film agents are substances used to form a protective or edible film on various food products. These films serve multiple purposes, including preserving freshness, extending shelf life, and enhancing food safety. Common film-forming agents in the food industry include materials like edible waxes, proteins, and polysaccharides. They create a thin, transparent layer that can act as a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and contaminants. This helps prevent food spoilage and maintain the quality of the product.

Products of Film agent
CAS No.Product NameMolecular Formula
8001-22-7Soybean oil
8001-29-4Cottonseed oil
8001-30-7Corn oil
8001-31-8Coconut oil
8002-03-7PEANUT OIL
8002-74-2Paraffin wax
8012-95-1Paraffin oil
8042-47-5Mineral oil
85665-33-4Glycerides, C10-18 Fatty Acids

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