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Preservatives are additives used in food and other products to prolong shelf life and prevent spoilage caused by bacteria, yeast, molds, or other microorganisms. They inhibit microbial growth, maintaining product quality and safety. Common food preservatives include salt, sugar, vinegar, and chemical compounds like benzoates and sorbates. These ingredients help preserve freshness and prevent foodborne illnesses.

Products of Preservative
CAS No.Product NameMolecular Formula
110-44-1Sorbic acidC6H8O2
1219-38-1Octyl parabenC15H22O3
1515-80-6Methyl SorbateC7H10O2
16089-48-8Potassium cinnamateC9H7KO2
2090-05-3Calcium benzoate C14H10CaO4
2614-88-2Sorbic chloride
26636-32-84-Octylphenol ethoxylateC14H21.(C2H4O)n.OH
2664-60-0Dodecyl 4-hydroxybenzoateC19H30O3
42739-26-4Vinyl (2E,4E)-2,4-HexadienoateC8H10O2
4525-33-1Dimethyl dicarbonateC4H6O5
5153-25-32-Ethylhexyl 4-hydroxybenzoateC15H22O3
588-62-5Calcium cinnamateC18H14CaO4
689-89-4Methyl sorbateC7H10O2
7367-78-4Sorbic acid butyl esterC10H16O2
7757-81-5Sorbic Acid Sodium SaltC6H7NaO2

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