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Other food additives

"Other food additives" is a category encompassing various substances used to enhance or preserve the quality of processed foods. This broad category may include thickeners, gelling agents, anti-foaming agents, humectants, and more. These additives serve purposes like improving texture, extending shelf life, or preventing undesirable reactions. For example, anti-foaming agents control excessive foaming during food processing.

Products of Other food additives
CAS No.Product NameMolecular Formula
13730-98-8Sodium 4-chlorophenoxyacetateC8H6ClNaO3
139-44-612-Hydroxy-Octadecanoic Acid 1,1',1''-(1,2,3-Propanetriyl) EsterC57H110O9
68917-50-0Birch oil
68917-75-9Gaultheria OilC8H8O3

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