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A defoamer is an essential additive in various industries, including food production, where foam formation can be problematic. It reduces or eliminates excessive foam in liquids, preventing overflowing and ensuring efficient processing. In food manufacturing, defoamers are used in processes like brewing, where excess foam can lead to product loss, or during frying to reduce oil splattering. They work by breaking down the surface tension of foam bubbles, causing them to collapse. Common defoaming agents include silicone compounds and natural oils.

Products of Defoamer
CAS No.Product NameMolecular Formula
25322-69-4Poly(propylene glycol)(C3H6O)n
63148-62-9Silicone oil
761-35-33-Hydroxy-1,2-propanediyl dihexadecanoateC35H68O5
8009-03-8Vaseline petroleum jelly
9003-11-6Polyethylene-polypropylene glycolHO.(C2H4O)m.(C3H6O)n.H

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