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Organic reagent

Organic reagents are carbon-based compounds used in chemical reactions to transform, analyze, or synthesize other organic substances. These versatile molecules serve crucial roles in laboratories and industries, enabling the creation of new compounds, elucidating chemical structures, and facilitating research in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, polymers, and materials science. Organic reagents are fundamental tools for the advancement of organic chemistry.

Sub-categories of Organic reagent
Ester Aromatic acid Fatty acid Fatty alcohol
Boric acid Cyanide/nitrile Aromatic ketone Aromatic aldehyde (containing acetal, hemiacetal)
Halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbon Fatty ketone (including enol) Amide Ether
Aromatic hydrocarbon reagent Aromatic alcohol Phosphine ligand Phenols
Thiol/thiophenol Silane Acid halide Sulfonate / sulfinate
Cyanate ester / isocyanate Nitro compound Imide Olefins (cyclic and non-cyclic)
Polycyclic compound Hydrazine Amine salt (ammonium salt) Fatty aldehyde (containing acetal, hemiacetal)
Bicyclic compound Oxime Tricyclic compound Alkane
Sulfonyl halide Phosphonate / phosphonate Phosphorus halide Alkyne
Carboxylic anhydride Urea Phosphorous compound Siloxane
Azo, diazonium compound Ionic liquid Thiocyanate / isothiocyanate Borate
Sulfonic acid / sulfinic acid Selenium compound Guanidine salt Borane
Thiourea Thiol salt Tris / tetrafluoroborate Thiol ester
Fullerenes Crown ether Sulfone, sulfoxide compound Hydrazone
Imine, amidine Polyamine Tosylate Epoxide
Azide reagent Hydroxylamine Cyclodextrin

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