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Pyrimidine compound

Pyrimidine is a six-membered heterocyclic compound consisting of two nitrogen atoms and four carbon atoms. It's a fundamental component of essential biomolecules, like DNA and RNA. In medicinal chemistry, pyrimidine derivatives serve as the basis for numerous pharmaceuticals, including anticancer and antiviral drugs, owing to their ability to modulate cellular processes and gene expression.

Sub-categories of Pyrimidine compound
Urinary (urea) pyrimidine Chloropyrimidine Bromopyrimidine Fluoropyrimidine
Iodopyrimidine Methyl pyrimidine Hydroxypyrimidine Aminopyrimidine
Cyanopyrimidine Nitropyrimidine Thiopyrimidine Methoxypyrimidine
Mercaptopyrimidine Cytosine Phenylpyrimidine Thiophene
Aldehyde intermediate Amine Ester intermediate Ketones
Alcohol Carboxylic acid Pyrimidine

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