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Organometallic compound

Organometallic compounds bridge the gap between organic and inorganic chemistry, with wide-ranging applications in catalysis, materials science, and pharmaceutical synthesis. Their versatility makes them indispensable in modern chemistry.

Sub-categories of Organometallic compound
Organic palladium Organic germanium, cobalt, strontium, barium, gallium, germanium, germanium, germanium, germanium, etc. Organic calcium Organic zirconium
Organic potassium Organic rhodium Organic lithium Organic ruthenium
Organic aluminum Organomagnesium Organic manganese Organic sodium
Organic nickel Organic titanium Organic iron Organic copper
Organotin Organic zinc Organic iridium Organic germanium
Organic hafnium, mercury, silver, platinum, etc. Organic scandium, tantalum, thallium, tungsten, antimony, lanthanum, lead, vanadium, molybdenum, chromium, ytterbium, etc.

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