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Organic raw materials

Organic raw materials stand as one of the foundational pillars in the realm of chemicals. These compounds are the building blocks of countless products and innovations that shape our modern world. At its core, organic chemistry focuses on the study of carbon-containing compounds, and these materials are the embodiment of this science. They are typically derived from natural sources or synthesized through complex chemical processes.

Sub-categories of Organic raw materials
Amino compound Alcohols, phenols, phenolic compounds and derivatives Nitrogen-containing compound Nitrile compound
Organic derivative of hydrazine or hydrazine Quinones Ether compounds and their derivatives Aldehyde
Carboxylic compounds and derivatives Hydrocarbon compounds and their derivatives Ketone compound Alkyl ureas and their derivatives and salts
Inorganic acid ester Heterocyclic compound Diazo, azo or azo compound Organosilicon compound
Organometallic compound Organic sulfur compound Organic phosphine compound Organometallic salt
Organic fluorine compound

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