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Synthetic spice

Synthetic spices are artificial compounds designed to mimic the flavors of natural spices and enhance the taste of food and beverages. These laboratory-created flavorings, like synthetic vanilla or fruit essences, are used in the food industry to ensure consistent and cost-effective flavor profiles. While they serve various purposes, many people prefer the authentic taste of natural spices.

Sub-categories of Synthetic spice
Alcoholic spice Phenols, ethers and epoxides Halogen-containing, sulfur-containing, nitrogen-containing compounds Lactone and oxygen-containing heterocyclic compound
Aldehyde Musk and macrocyclic spices Carboxylic acid and ester perfume Carbonyl condensate
Hydrocarbon spice Ketone fragrance Thiol perfume Thioether perfume
Pyrazine fragrance Aromatic cinnamic acid, esters and derivatives

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