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Barium Dichomate
[CAS# 10031-16-0]

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Name Barium Dichomate
Synonyms Barium(+2) Cation; Oxido-(Oxido-Dioxo-Chromio)Oxy-Dioxo-Chromium; Dihydrate; Barium(+2) Cation; (Diketo-Oxido-Chromio)Oxy-Diketo-Oxido-Chromium; Dihydrate
Molecular Structure CAS#: 10031-16-0, Barium Dichomate
Molecular Formula BaCr2H4O9
Molecular Weight 389.36
CAS Registry Number 10031-16-0
SMILES [Cr](O[Cr](=O)(=O)[O-])(=O)(=O)[O-].O.O.[Ba++]
InChI 1S/Ba.2Cr.2H2O.7O/h;;;2*1H2;;;;;;;/q+2;;;;;;;;;;2*-1
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