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As of Winter 2021 chemBlink provides the information of 422,800 chemicals and 5,500 suppliers. The site is unique among online chemicals databases by the following features:
  • More than 10 millions of hits per month
  • 100 thousand average daily page impressions
  • Top Google search results for most chemicals listed in chemBlink
  • Thousands of inquiry mails forwarded to suppliers each month
  • Diversity of visitors from every corner of the world, especially from economically booming areas
Our extensive user base is what makes chemBlink so powerful and effective. You, too, can take advantage of our network today to promote your products by choosing the following advertising services:
(1)Standard text-based links of suppliers are listed on supplier pages (more details). Each company can submit up to 50 products, completely free of charge as a chemBlink member. Visitors are able to send inquiries directly through chemBlink's inquiry forwarding facility. Submission is easy by visiting this link.
(2)Premium Linking of suppliers is chemBlink's paid service (more details ). Premium links, located at the top-left side of product pages, point to suppliers' company pages.  Visitors send inquiries to suppliers directly from chemBlink's product pages. It is supposed that suppliers create premium links for most competitive products. The free standard links of a product will not be directly accessible for inquiry if there are premium links available for the product. Download Agreement and Contract for submitting premium products.  Suppliers of premium links are qualified to enjoy up to 300 free standard links (see Specifications and Prices below).
(3)Massive Linking is one of chemBlink's paid services, especially designed for distributors of chemicals, import/export companies and large-size manufacturers who may need more ads for promoting their products. Massive links are located in an expandable area of product pages below any premium links, and point to suppliers' company pages on chemBlink (more details ). Massive links are different from standard links by the fact that they are listed on product pages, while standard links are alphabetically listed on suppliers pages. Another difference is that for Standard Linking program users, the maximum size of product list on their company pages is 50, while for Premium and Massive Linking program users their company pages display all premium and massive links with multiple pages. Currently, the annual cost for submitting 1,000 massive links is $850. Discount is available based on number of products submitted. Download Agreement and Contract for submitting massive links.
(4)Banner Links and Rectangle Logo Links offered by chemBlink are effective and affordable advertising solutions for competitive and ambitious companies. The banner would be inserted on the top of the specified product page (more details).  Either static or dynamic graphic formats are acceptable. The high visiting traffic guarantees the high impressions of the banner to catch people's interest and to build image for your products and services. A banner link can be occupied by only one supplier or shared by rotating several suppliers' banners, if they intend to do so.  There are at maximum 5 Logo Links located vertically on the right side of specified product page (more details ).  Either static or dynamic graphic formats are acceptable. Download Agreement and Contract for submitting banner or logo links. 

Specifications and Prices

Linking Inserted on Position Annual Cost (USD) Notes
Standard Text-based Product / supplier pages Centered at bottom(Layout Free Maximum 50 free links during membership period. Premium Linking users are qualified for up to 300 free standard links.
Premium Text-based Product / supplier pages At top of left side(Layout $20 per link Qualified for 300 free standard links if submitting10+ premium links
Massive Text-based Product / supplier pages In the extendable area at top of left side (Layout $800 per 1,000 links For discount on large submission, contact us
Logo Link Product pages On right side, vertically(Layout $80 per logo Maximum size: 300 x 250 pixels
Banner Link Product pages Centered top, horizontally(Layout $160 per banner Maximum size: 728 x 90 pixels

If you are interested in advertising with chemBlink, please contact us or send email to for more details.

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