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Boric Acid Aluminum salt
[CAS# 11121-16-7]

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Classification Inorganic chemical industry >> Inorganic salt >> Boride, borate and perborate
Name Boric Acid Aluminum salt
Synonyms Boric Acid, Aluminum Salt
Molecular Structure CAS#: 11121-16-7, Boric Acid Aluminum salt
Molecular Formula AlBO3
Molecular Weight 85.79
CAS Registry Number 11121-16-7
EINECS 234-365-4
SMILES [O-]B([O-])[O-].[Al+3]
InChI 1S/Al.BO3/c;2-1(3)4/q+3;-3
(1) Michael A. Beckett, Martin P. Rugen-Hankey, James L. Timmis and K. Sukumar Varma. Synthesis of aluminium borate–boron oxide and binary titanium–boron and zirconium–boron oxides from metal alkoxides and (MeO)BO in non-aqueous solvents, Dalton Trans., 2008, 1503.
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