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Bismuth Tin Oxide
[CAS# 12010-67-2]

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Name Bismuth Tin Oxide
Synonyms Bismuth Stannate Pentahydrate; Bismuth Tin Oxide (Bi2sn3o9); Dibismuth Tritin Nonaoxide
Molecular Structure CAS#: 12010-67-2, Bismuth Tin Oxide
Molecular Formula Bi2O9Sn3
Molecular Weight 918.03
CAS Registry Number 12010-67-2
EINECS 234-562-5
SMILES [Bi+3].[Sn+4].[Sn+4].[Sn+4].[O--].[O--].[O--].[O--].[O--].[O--].[O--].[O--].[O--].[Bi+3]
InChI 1S/2Bi.9O.3Sn/q2*+3;9*-2;3*+4
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