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[CAS# 13397-26-7]

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Name Calcite
Synonyms Dacote; Di-Gel Tablets; Duramite
Molecular Structure CAS#: 13397-26-7, Calcite
Molecular Formula CCaO3
Molecular Weight 100.09
CAS Registry Number 13397-26-7
SMILES O=C([O-])[O-].[Ca++]
InChI 1S/CH2O3.Ca/c2-1(3)4;/h(H2,2,3,4);/q;+2/p-2
Desity 2.93 (Expl.)
Melting point 825°C (Expl.)
Flash point 5°C (Expl.)
Refractive index 1.6583 (Expl.)
solubility 0.001%
Safety Data
Safety Description Minimise exposure to dust.
CAUTION: Dust may irritate eyes
CAUTION: May irritate eyes, skin, and respiratory tract
WARNING: Irritates lungs, eyes, skin
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