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Lutetium Iodide (LuI3)
[CAS# 13813-45-1]

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Classification Inorganic chemical industry >> Inorganic salt >> Metal halides and halides >> Metal iodide and salt
Name Lutetium Iodide (LuI3)
Synonyms 460575_Aldrich; Lutetium(Iii) Iodide; Lutetium Iodide (Lui3)
Molecular Structure CAS#: 13813-45-1, Lutetium Iodide (LuI3)
Molecular Formula I3Lu
Molecular Weight 555.68
CAS Registry Number 13813-45-1
EINECS 237-475-0
SMILES [Lu+3].[I-].[I-].[I-]
InChI 1S/3HI.Lu/h3*1H;/q;;;+3/p-3
Desity 5.6 (Expl.)
Melting point 1050°C (Expl.)
Safety Data
Safety Code S26;S37  Details
Risk Code R36/37/38  Details
Hazard Symbol symbol  X  Details
Safety Description WARNING: Irritates skin, eye, lungs; affects blood clotting
Market Analysis Reports
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