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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
C10-12 Alkanedioic acid 72162-23-3
C10-16 alcohols 67762-41-8
N-C10-16-Alkyltrimethylenediamines reaction products with chloroacetic acid 139734-65-9
C10-C16 Alcohols ethoxylated 68002-97-1
C10-16 fatty acid compds. 68002-90-4
C12-14-Alkyldimethyl(ethylbenzyl)ammonium chloride 85409-23-0
C11-C15-Secondaryalcohols ethoxylated butoxylated 1022990-65-3
C11-C15 Secondaryalcohols ethoxylated propoxylated 68551-14-4
C11-14-iso-Alcohols,C13-rich, ethoxylated 78330-21-9 C13H27(OCH2CH2)nOH
C12-15 Alkyl lactate 93925-36-1
C12-18-Alkyl[(ethylphenyl)methyl]dimethylammonium chlorides 68956-79-6
C12-18 alcohols 67762-25-8
C12-14-alkyldimethylamines 84649-84-3
N-C12-14-alkylpropylenediamines L-glutamates 164907-72-6
C12 Branched alkyl benzene sulfonic acid 68411-32-5
C12-C14 Alcohols ethoxylated propoxylated 68439-51-0
C12-C14 Secondaryalcohols ethoxylated 84133-50-6
C12-C14 tert-Alkylamines ethoxylated 73138-27-9
C12-C14 tert-Alkylamines ethoxylated propoxylated 68603-58-7
C12-C15 Alcohol propoxylated 74499-34-6
C12-C15 Alcohols ethoxylated propoxylated 68551-13-3
C12-14 Fatty alcohols ethoxylated 68439-50-9
C13-C14 Isoparaffin 64365-06-6
C13-C16 Isoparaffin 68551-20-2
C14-18 alcohols 67762-30-5
C14-C18 trialkyl amine 67701-00-2
C14-C22 and C16-C22 unsaturated trialkyl glycerides 68424-59-9
C14-22 fatty acids 68424-37-3
C14-18 glycerides 67701-27-3
C14-22 monoglycerides 68990-53-4
C16-18 Fatty acids C12-18-alkyl esters 95912-87-1
C16-22-Alkyldimethyl amines 75444-69-8 C18H39N.(C2H4)0-3
C16-C18 Alcohols ethoxylated propoxylated polymer 68002-96-0
C16-C18 alkyl dimethyl amine 68390-97-6
(C16-C18) and (C18) Unsaturated alkylalcohol, ethoxylate 68920-66-1 ( / 37335-03-8) C20H40O
C16-22 fatty acids 68002-88-0
C18 and C18-unsatd. fatty acid Me esters 68937-81-5
C18-fatty acids dimers polymers with adipic acid and neopentyl glycol 276869-34-2
C18-Unsaturated fatty acids dimers diglycidyl ester 68475-94-5
C18-unsaturated fatty acids dimers polymers with diethylene glycol 68552-01-2
C20-22-alkyldimethyl amines 93164-85-3
C36 Dimer acid 61788-89-4 C36H64O4
C5-10 Fatty acids esters with pentaerythritol 68424-31-7
C6-12 fatty acids, Me esters 67762-39-4
C8-18 and C18-unsaturated fatty acids 67701-05-7
C8-10-Alcohols ethoxylated 71060-57-6
C8-24 alpha-Alkenes polymers with vinyl chloride 72623-71-3
C8-C10 Alcohols ethers with polyethylene-polypropylene glycol monobenzyl ether 68154-99-4
C8-C10 Alcohols ethoxylated propoxylated 68603-25-8
C8-10 fatty acids, Me esters 85566-26-3

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