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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Baccatine III 27548-93-2 C31H38O11
Baccatin IV 57672-77-2 C32H44O14
Bacillithiol 1184928-91-3 C13H22N2O10S
Bacillus cereus 68038-62-0
Bacillus thuringiensis 68038-71-1
Bacitracin 1405-87-4 C66H103N17O16S
Bacitracin B1a 57762-79-5 C65H101N17O16S
(R)-Baclofen 69308-37-8 C10H12ClNO2
Baclofen 1134-47-0 C10H12ClNO2
(R)-Baclofen lactam 123632-35-9 C10H10ClNO
(-)-Bacopasaponin C 178064-13-6 C46H74O17
Bacopaside I 382148-47-2 C46H74O20S
Bacopaside II 382146-66-9 C47H76O18
Bacopaside V 620592-16-7 C41H66O13
Bacopaside VII 94443-88-6 C46H74O17
Bacoside A2 58798-95-1 C46H74O17
Bacoside A1 58798-94-0 C40H64O12
Bacoside A 11028-00-5 C41H66O13
Bacoside A3 157408-08-7 C47H76O18
Bacosin 198014-94-7 C30H48O3
Bafetinib 859212-16-1 C30H31F3N8O
Bafilomycin A1 88899-55-2 C35H58O9
Bafilomycin C1 88979-61-7 C39H60O12
Baicalein 491-67-8 C15H10O5
Baicalein 6-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside 28279-72-3 C21H20O10
Baicalin 21967-41-9 C21H18O11
Baicalin hydrate 206752-33-2 C21H18O11.x(H2O)
Baicalin methyl ester 82475-03-4 C22H20O11
Baimaside 18609-17-1 C27H30O17
Bakkenolid A 19906-72-0 C15H22O2
Bakkenolide B 18455-98-6 C22H30O6
Bakkenolide D 18456-03-6 C21H28O6S
Bakkenolide Db 226711-23-5 C21H28O7S
Bakuchalcone 84575-13-3 C20H20O5
(+)-Bakuchiol 10309-37-2 C18H24O
Balaglitazone 199113-98-9 C20H17N3O4S
Balanophonin 118916-57-7 C20H20O6
(+)-Balanophonin 215319-47-4 C20H20O6
Balapiravir 690270-29-2 C21H30N6O8
Baldrinal 18234-46-3 C12H10O4
Balicatib 354813-19-7 C23H33N5O2
Balofloxacin 127294-70-6 C20H24FN3O4
Baloxavir 1985605-59-1 C24H19F2N3O4S
Baloxavir-[d4] 2415027-80-2 C24H15D4F2N3O4S
Baloxavir marboxil 1985606-14-1 C27H23F2N3O7S
BALQ 146162-54-1 C32H25AlN2O3
Balsalazide 80573-04-2 C17H15N3O6
Balsalazide disodium 150399-21-6 C17H13N3Na2O6.2(H2O)
Balsalazide disodium 213594-60-6 C17H13N3Na2O6
Balsalazide disodium 82101-18-6 C17H13N3Na2O6

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