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List of Chemical Product Names (Page F1)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Fabiatrin 18309-73-4 C21H26O13
Fadrozole 102676-47-1 C14H13N3
Fadrozole hydrochloride 102676-31-3 C14H13N3.HCl
Fagarine 524-15-2 C13H11NO3
Fagomine 53185-12-9 C6H13NO3
Falcarindiol 55297-87-5 C17H24O2
Falcarindiol 225110-25-8 C17H24O2
Falcarinol 21852-80-2 C17H24O
(+)-Falcarinol 81203-57-8 C17H24O
Faldaprevir 801283-95-4 C40H49BrN6O9S
Falecalcitriol 83805-11-2 C27H38F6O3
Famciclovir 104227-87-4 C14H19N5O4
Famophos 52-85-7 C10H16NO5PS2
Famotidine 76824-35-6 C8H15N7O2S3
Famoxadone 131807-57-3 C22H18N2O4
Fanapanel 161605-73-8 C14H15F3N3O6P
Fangchinoline 436-77-1 C37H40N2O6
Fangchinoline 33889-68-8 C37H40N2O6
Farampator 211735-76-1 C12H13N3O2
Fargesin 31008-19-2 C21H22O6
Fargesone A 116424-69-2 C21H24O6
Fargesone B 116424-70-5 C21H24O6
Farglitazar 196808-45-4 C34H30N2O5
Farinomalein 1175521-35-3 C10H13NO4
Farnesal 19317-11-4 C15H24O
Farnesol 4602-84-0 C15H26O
(E,E)-Farnesol 106-28-5 C15H26O
Farnesyl acetate 29548-30-9 C17H28O2
Farnesylacetic acid 6040-06-8 C17H28O2
Farnesylacetone 762-29-8 C18H30O
Farnesyl acetone 1117-52-8 C18H30O
Farnochrol 84652-32-4 C26H34O5
Faropenem daloxate 141702-36-5 C17H19NO8S
Faropenem sodium 122547-49-3 C12H14NNaO5S
Faropenem sodium hemipentahydrate 106560-14-9 2(C12H14NNaO5S).5(H20)
Farrerol 24211-30-1 C17H16O5
Fasoracetam 110958-19-5 C10H16N2O2
Fast Black 100 55353-02-1 Cr2CuFe2O7
Fast Black K 27766-47-8 C14H12N5O4
Fast Blue 74749-42-1
Fast Blue B 14263-94-6 C14H12N4O2.ZnCl4
Fast Blue BB 120-00-3 C17H20N2O3
Fast Blue BB Salt 5486-84-0 2(C17H18ClN3O3).ZnCl2
Fast Blue RR salt 14726-29-5 2(C15H14ClN3O3).ZnCl2
Fast Garnet GBC sulfate salt 101-89-3 C14H14N4O4S
Fast Red ITR 97-35-8 C11H18N2O3S
Fast Red KL Base 12216-86-3
Fast Red TR 27165-08-8 C7H6ClN2
Fast Red TR Salt 1,5-naphthalenedisulfonate salt 51503-28-7 C10H6O6S2.2(C7H6ClN2)
Fast Red Violet LB Salt 32348-81-5 C14H11ClN3O.Cl
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