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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P1)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
P-1002 647019-54-3 C21H20ClNO5
P-1004 945376-95-4 C12H8BrN3O
PA-824 187235-37-6 C14H12F3N3O5
Pabulenol 33889-70-2 C16H14O5
PAC 1 315183-21-2 C23H28N4O2
Pachyaximine A 128255-08-3 C24H41NO
Pachycarpine 492-08-0 C15H26N2
Pachymaran 65637-98-1
Pachymic acid 29070-92-6 C33H52O5
Pachypodol 33708-72-4 C18H16O7
Paclitaxel 33069-62-4 C47H51NO14
Paclitaxel poliglumex 263351-82-2 C47H51NO14.x(C5H9NO4)n
Paclitaxel side chain acid 949023-16-9 C24H21NO5
Paclobutrazol 76738-62-0 C15H20ClN3O
Pacritinib 937272-79-2 C28H32N4O3
Pactimibe 189198-30-9 C25H40N2O3
Padeliporfin 759457-82-4 C37H41N5O9PdS
Padimate 21245-01-2 C14H21NO2
Padmatin 80453-44-7 C16H14O7
Paederoside 20547-45-9 C18H22O11S
Paederosidic acid 18842-98-3 C18H24O12S
Paederosidic acid methyl ester 122413-01-8 C19H26O12S
Paeonidin 134-01-0 C16H13O6.Cl
Paeoniflorigenone 80454-42-8 C17H18O6
Paeoniflorin 23180-57-6 C23H28O11
Paeonilactone A 98751-79-2 C10H14O4
Paeonilactone B 98751-78-1 C10H12O4
Paeonilactone C 98751-77-0 C17H18O6
Paeonol 552-41-0 C9H10O3
Paeonolide 72520-92-4 C20H28O12
Pafuramidine 186953-56-0 C20H20N4O3
Pagibaximab 595566-61-3
Pagoclone 133737-32-3 C23H22ClN3O2
Palatinose 58166-27-1 C12H22O11
Palatinose 13718-94-0 C12H22O11
Palbinone 139954-00-0 C22H30O4
Palbociclib 571190-30-2 C24H29N7O2
Palbociclib isethionate 827022-33-3 C24H29N7O2.C2H6O4S
Palifermin 162394-19-6
Paliflutine 845614-11-1 C21H20F7N3O4S
Palifosfamide 31645-39-3 C4H11Cl2N2O2P
Palinavir 154612-39-2 C41H52N6O5
Paliocolor LC 242 187585-64-4 C37H36O14
Paliocolor LC 756 223572-88-1 C50H46O20
Paliperidone 144598-75-4 23H27FN4O3
Paliperidone N-oxide 761460-08-6 C23H27FN4O4
Paliperidone palmitate 199739-10-1 C39H57FN4O4
(±)-Palitantin 15265-28-8 C14H22O4
Palladium 7440-05-3 Pd
Palladium acetate trimer 53189-26-7 C12H18O12Pd3
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