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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
X 396 1365267-27-1 C25H25Cl2FN6O3
Xaliproden hydrochloride 90494-79-4 C24H22F3N.HCl
Xamoterol hemifumarate 73210-73-8 ( / 90730-93-1) 2(C16H25N3O5).C4H4O4
Xanomeline oxalate 141064-23-5 C14H23N3OS.C2H2O4
Xanthan gum 11138-66-2 (C35H49O29)n
Xanthatin 26791-73-1 ( / 160549-24-6) C15H18O3
Xanthene 92-83-1 C13H10O
Xanthene-9-carboxylic acid 82-07-5 C14H10O3
Xanthine 69-89-6 C5H4N4O2
Xanthine oxidase 9002-17-9
Xanthine sodium salt 1196-43-6 C5H3N4NaO2
Xanthinin 153483-31-9 C17H22O5
Xanthinol nicotinate 437-74-1 C13H21N5O4.C6H5NO2
Xanthiside 866366-86-1 C17H23NO8S
(R)-Xanthoanthrafil 247568-68-9 C19H23N3O6
rac-Xanthoanthrafil 1020251-53-9 C19H23N3O6
Xanthohumol 6754-58-1 C21H22O5
Xanthohumol 569-83-5 C21H22O5
Xanthohumol B 189308-10-9 C21H22O6
Xanthohumol D 274675-25-1 C21H22O6
Xanthomegnine 1685-91-2 C30H22O12
Xanthone 90-47-1 C13H8O2
Xanthophyll 127-40-2 C40H56O2
Xanthoplanine 6872-88-4 C21H26NO4
Xanthorin 17526-15-7 C16H12O6
Xanthosine 146-80-5 C10H12N4O6
Xanthotoxol 2009-24-7 C11H6O4
Xanthoxylin 90-24-4 C10H12O4
Xanthoxylin N 84-99-1 C15H14O4
Xanthyletin 553-19-5 C14H12O3
5'-Xanthylic acid 523-98-8 C10H13N4O9P
5'-Xanthylic acid disodium salt 25899-70-1 C10H12N4O9P.2Na
Xantphos Pd G3 1445085-97-1 C52H45NO4P2PdS
XAV 939 284028-89-3 C14H11F3N2OS
Xenon 7440-63-3 Xe
Xenopsin 25 144092-28-4 C139H224N38O32S
Xenopsin (Xenopus amieti) 51827-01-1 C47H73N13O10
Xerophilusin G 304642-94-2 C22H30O8
Xerosin 1394-04-3
Xestoquinone 97743-96-9 C20H14O4
3X Flag Peptide Trifluoroacetate 402750-12-3 C122H170F3N31O51S
(2xi)-2,5-Anhydro-3-deoxy-D-erythro-hexononitrile 4,6-bis(4-methylbenzoate) 406955-52-0 C22H21NO5
(2xi,5R)-1,5-Anhydro-3,4-dideoxy-5-C-(2,5-difluorophenyl)-4-[[(1,1-dimethylethoxy)carbonyl]amino]-D-glycero-pentitol 1172623-99-2 C16H21F2NO4
Xidecaflur 207916-33-4 C22H45NO2.HF
(2xi)-D-gluco-Heptonic acid zinc complex 12565-63-8 C14H26O16Zn
Ximelagatran 192939-46-1 C24H35N5O5
Xinjunan acetate 93839-40-8 C20H45N3.x(C2H4O2)
Xipamide 14293-44-8 C15H15ClN2O4S
(3beta,5alpha,7beta,15beta,20xi)-3,7,15,20-Tetrahydroxy-4,4,14-trimethyl-11-oxo-chol-8-en-24-oic acid gamma-lactone 1694587-15-9 C27H40O6
[(2S,5R)-2-(1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)-7-oxo-1,6-diazabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-6-yl] hydrogen sulfate 1463520-70-8 C8H10N4O6S

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