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Aliskiren hemifumarate
[CAS# 173334-58-2]

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Classification Biochemical >> Inhibitor >> Endocrinology & hormones >> RAAS inhibitor
Name Aliskiren hemifumarate
Synonyms (2S,4S,5S,7S)-5-Amino-N-(2-carbamoyl-2-methylpropyl)-4-hydroxy-2-isopropyl-7-[4-methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy)benzyl]-8-methylnonanamide hemifumarate
Molecular Structure CAS # 173334-58-2, Aliskiren hemifumarate, (2S,4S,5S,7S)-5-Amino-N-(2-carbamoyl-2-methylpropyl)-4-hydroxy-2-isopropyl-7-[4-methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy)benzyl]-8-methylnonanamide hemifumarate
Molecular Formula 2(C30H53N3O6).C4H4O4
Molecular Weight 1219.59
CAS Registry Number 173334-58-2
EC Number 630-415-8
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