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[CAS# 25248-42-4]

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Name Polycaprolactone
Synonyms Polycaprolactone, SRU; Resomer C; Solplus DP 330; Tone 300; Tone 767; Tone 767E; Tone 767P; Tone 85; Tone P 1241; Tone P 1270; Tone P 485; Tone P 700; Tone P 747; Tone P 767; Tone P 767E; Tone P 767EC
Molecular Structure CAS # 25248-42-4, Polycaprolactone, Polycaprolactone, SRU, Resomer C, Solplus DP 330, Tone 300, Tone 767, Tone 767E, Tone 767P, Tone 85, Tone P 1241, Tone P 1270, Tone P 485, Tone P 700, Tone P 747, Tone P 767, Tone P 767E, Tone P 767EC
Molecular Formula (C6H10O2)n
CAS Registry Number 25248-42-4
EC Number 636-745-9
Density 1.2 g/cm3*
Melting point 200 ºC**
* Rezgui, F.; Polymer 2005, V46(18), P7370-7385.
** Arnold, Polly L.; Chemistry - A European Journal 2009, V15(33), P8241-8250, S8241/1-S8241/14.
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