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[CAS# 26635-92-7]

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Complete supplier list of N,N-Bis[poly(oxyethylene)]stearylamine
Name N,N-Bis[poly(oxyethylene)]stearylamine
Synonyms Polyethylene glycol-stearylamine adduct (2:1); Polyoxyethylenated octadecylamine; RY 130T2; Rokamin S; Rokamin S 10; Rokamin S 22; Rokamin S 8; S 2; Stearylamine ethoxylate; Stearylamine-ethylene oxide adduct; Stearylamine-ethylene oxide polycondensate; Stokomin S 10; TB 12; Teric 18M; Teric 18M10; Teric 18M2; Teric 18M20; Teric 18M5; Tomah E-T 5; Trymeen 6617
Molecular Structure CAS # 26635-92-7, N,N-Bis[poly(oxyethylene)]stearylamine, Polyethylene glycol-stearylamine adduct (2:1), Polyoxyethylenated octadecylamine, RY 130T2, Rokamin S, Rokamin S 10, Rokamin S 22, Rokamin S 8, S 2, Stearylamine ethoxylate, Stearylamine-ethylene oxide adduct, Stearylamine-ethylene oxide polycondensate, Stokomin S 10, TB 12, Teric 18M, Teric 18M10, Teric 18M2, Teric 18M20, Teric 18M5, Tomah E-T 5, Trymeen 6617
Molecular Formula (C2H4O)n(C2H4O)n.C22H47NO2
CAS Registry Number 26635-92-7
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