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[CAS# 34883-41-5]

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Complete supplier list of 3,5-Dichlorobiphenyl
Classification Analytical chemistry >> Food safety >> Dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls, furans
Name 3,5-Dichlorobiphenyl
Synonyms 3,5-Dichloro-1,1'-biphenyl; PCB 14
Molecular Structure CAS # 34883-41-5, 3,5-Dichlorobiphenyl, 3,5-Dichloro-1,1'-biphenyl, PCB 14
Molecular Formula C12H8Cl2
Molecular Weight 223.10
CAS Registry Number 34883-41-5
Solubility Insoluble (2.7E-4 g/L) (25 ºC), Calc.*
Density 1.249±0.06 g/cm3 (20 ºC 760 Torr), Calc.*
Melting point 62 ºC**
Refractive index 1.6257 (589.3 nm 25 ºC)***
* Calculated using Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) Software V11.02 (©1994-2014 ACD/Labs)
** Loebbert, Andreas; Liquid Crystals 2007, V34(12), P1357-1367.
*** Beaven, G.H.; Journal of the Chemical Society 1961, P2749-55.
Safety Data
Hazard Symbols symbol symbol   Xn;N    Details
Risk Codes R33;R50/53    Details
Safety Description S35;S60;S61    Details
Transport Information UN 3432 9 / PGII
SDS Available
Market Analysis Reports
List of Reports Available for 3,5-Dichlorobiphenyl
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