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(Coconut oil alkyl)amine ethoxylate
[CAS# 61791-14-8]

Name (Coconut oil alkyl)amine ethoxylate
Synonyms Atmer 169; Berol 307; Berol 397; Blaunon L 210; Blaunon L 220; Chemeen C 10; Chemeen C 12G; Chemeen C 2; Coulter Dispersant IIIA; Crisamine PC 2; Crodamet 02; Crodamet C 20; Crodamet C 5; Esomine C 25; Ethomeen C; Ethomeen C 12; Ethomeen C 15; Ethomeen C 20; Ethomeen C 25; Ethox CAM 15; Ethox CAM 2; Ethoxylated coco alkyl amines; Ethylan TLM; GN 8361; Genamin C; Genamin C 020; Genamin C 050; Genamin C 200; K 215; Kostat P 650/5; Lutensol FA 12K; Lutensol FA 5K; Mazeen C 2; Mazeen C 5; Nissan Nymeen F 215; Noramox C; Noramox C 11; Noramox C 2; Nymeen F 202; Nymeen F 215; Optamine PC 5; PPEM 239; Rhodameen C 5; Rofamin KD 3; Sinopol 412; Surfonic C 2; Variquat 1215; Varonic K 202; Varonic K 205; Varonic K 205LC; Varonic K 209; Varonic K 210; Varonic K 210LC; Varonic K 215; Varonic K 215LC; Witcamine 302; Witcamine 305
CAS Registry Number 61791-14-8
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