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[CAS# 74-84-0]

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Classification Pharmaceutical intermediate >> Heterocyclic compound >> Thiophene compound
Name Ethane
Synonyms Bimethyl; Dimethyl; Ethyl hydride; Methylmethane; R 170; R 170 (hydrocarbon)
Molecular Structure CAS # 74-84-0, Ethane, Bimethyl, Dimethyl, Ethyl hydride, Methylmethane, R 170, R 170 (hydrocarbon)
Molecular Formula C2H6
Molecular Weight 30.07
CAS Registry Number 74-84-0
EINECS 200-814-8
Density 0.74 g/cm3*
Melting point -172.0 ºC**
Boiling point 184.55 ºC***
Refractive index 1.0007528 (760 nm)*****
Flash point -129.5±6.6 ºC, Calc.****
* Apfelbaum, E. M.; Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2008, V112(41), P13064-13069.
** Maass, O.; Journal of the American Chemical Society 1921, V43, P1098-1111.
*** Mohammadzadeh, Sasan; Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 2008, V25(6), P1514-1517.
**** Calculated using Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) Software V11.02 (©1994-2017 ACD/Labs)
***** Loria, S.; Bull. Acad. Sci. Cracovie 1909, P195-207.
Safety Data
Hazard Symbols symbol   F+    Details
Risk Codes R12    Details
Safety Description S9;S16;S33    Details
Transport Information UN 1035 - class 2 - Ethane
SDS Available
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