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Solvent Yellow 114
[CAS# 7576-65-0]

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Classification Dyes and pigments >> Dyes >> Disperse dye
Name Solvent Yellow 114
Synonyms 2-(3-Hydroxy-2-quinolyl)-1,3-indandione; 2-(3-Hydroxyquinolin-2-yl)-1H-indene-1,3(2H)-dione; 3'-Hydroxyquinophthalone; 3-Hydroxyquinophthalone; C.I. 47020; Disperse Yellow 54; Disperse Yellow E 2G; Disperse Yellow F 3G; Dispersol Fast Yellow T 3G; Foron Brilliant Yellow E 3GFL; Kayaset Yellow A-G; Latyl Yellow 3G; Macrolex Yellow G; Miketon Polyester Yellow F 3G; NSC 64849; PS Yellow GG; Palanil Yellow 3GE; Plast Yellow 8040; Resiren Yellow TGL; Resolin Yellow 4GL; Samaron Yellow 3GL; Sandoplast Yellow 2G; Sumiplast Yellow HLR; Teraprint Yellow 2G; Terasil Yellow 2GW; Tersetile Yellow 3GLE
Molecular Structure CAS # 7576-65-0 (75216-45-4;12223-85-7), Solvent Yellow 114, 2-(3-Hydroxy-2-quinolyl)-1,3-indandione, 2-(3-Hydroxyquinolin-2-yl)-1H-indene-1,3(2H)-dione, 3'-Hydroxyquinophthalone, 3-Hydroxyquinophthalone, C.I. 47020, Disperse Yellow 54, Disperse Yellow E 2G, Disperse Yellow F 3G, Dispersol Fast Yellow T 3G, Foron Brilliant Yellow E 3GFL, Kayaset Yellow A-G, Latyl Yellow 3G, Macrolex Yellow G, Miketon Polyester Yellow F 3G, NSC 64849, PS Yellow GG, Palanil Yellow 3GE, Plast Yellow 8040, Resiren Yellow TGL, Resolin Yellow 4GL, Samaron Yellow 3GL, Sandoplast Yellow 2G, Sumiplast Yellow HLR, Teraprint Yellow 2G, Terasil Yellow 2GW, Tersetile Yellow 3GLE
Molecular Formula C18H11NO3
Molecular Weight 289.28
CAS Registry Number 7576-65-0 (75216-45-4;12223-85-7)
EC Number 231-474-9
Density 1.435
Boiling point 502 ºC
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